Sunday, 29 December 2013

Celtic Solstice part 5

It was great to see Bonnie Hunter's Quilt-Cam live for the first time on Saturday evening. The last couple of early sessions I missed because of being out for the evening, or having visitors, so watched them later on U-Tube. It isn't feasible to watch a 9pm start live; it's 3am in mainland North-West Europe. 

This was my set-up for watching: iPad and sewing machine set up and a row of triangles to be pieced for step 5 of Celtic Solstice.

This was great though because it was a very productive time: rather than nodding off through two episodes of Rizzoli and Isles, I completed 26 split triangle units while watching ... hmm ... listening to Bonnie, and had 21 more pieced half units pinned to the blue and ready to go this morning. 

Deel 5 van Celtic Solstice ging snel verder tijdens Quilt-Cam zaterdagavond. 26 blokken klaar en nog 21 die nog maar een naad nodig hadden, en die kwamen vanmorgen af. Altijd meer productief dan dutten voor Rizzoli and Isles.

I will have to watch the video again, and pay more attention to the star blocks, as I want to make a star quilt soon, using scraps for the stars but on a uniform background.

You can see what other participants in the Celtic Solstice mystery quilt-along are doing in the Monday link up here.


Ivani said...

Marly, your units look great! Well done!
I miss last Quilt Cam live, I was sewing my units and forgot about it :(
but watched it by night on You Tube. Happy 2014.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your progress. It's sad to think that we're so close to the reveal, and the end of this fun project. BTW: love the Dutchman's Puzzle that you've used for your profile picture. It's one of my favorite blocks.

Cherry said...

I missed Quilt Cam live by an hour as forgot to set an alarm to remind me! But I was able to watch it and work on my split triangle units. Yours look great!

Andee said...

Looking good, way to keep up!

Vireya said...

Your mystery blocks look lovely!

Unknown said...

I have enjoyed reading your Blog and knowing that you are working on the same project. It's almost as though we are all in the same room working together! The exciting part now will be to see all these quilt tops finished in their various colors. Happy New Year and Happy Quilting!