Monday, 16 December 2013

Celtic Solstice part 3

Ik bied mijn excuses aan aan Nederlandse lezers; dit vertaal ik niet. Ik ga ervan uit dat als je hierin geïnteresseerd bent je ook Engels leest. Omdat het Nederlands mijn eerste taal niet is is het vertalen me een hele klus! Ik heb besloten dat alleen als mijn posts betrekking hebben op Nederland dan schrijf ik in beide talen. Ik hoop dat je dit begrijpt.

I had a slow start to Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice mystery, but the Tri Rec tool arrived from Amazon this week, so I was able to catch up cutting the pieces for part 1.

This went a lot faster than with the "templates-stuck-to-ruler" method I was using a couple of weeks ago.

templates on ruler = s l o w

Part 2 has been progressing nicely on and off all week, 

So far these are the only two blocks

although I made life more difficult than necessary by simultaneously making half square triangles out of the bonus triangles. I keep reminding myself of the long term benefits! 

On Sunday I made a start on part 3: half square triangles, but in my case they are orange with purple / dark pink, instead of yellow.

About 80 pairs of part 3 triangles
The past two weeks have seen a lot of cutting, and relatively little sewing. So it's time to sew!

Happy sewing



Vireya said...

I think the cutting is the slowest part, so you should be able to zoom ahead now!

Quilter Kathy said...

I love the bonus blocks... they make a perfect 1.5" block and I am using them for Christmas gifts!

Marly said...

Will you publish photos of the gifts - AFTER Christmas of course?