Monday, 23 December 2013

Celtic solstice part 4

I'm working on Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt "Celtic Solstice" and I really enjoy seeing on Mondays what a lot of other people are doing. The amount some people get done in one day really blows me away! Click here to see how others are doing.

Last Friday we got part 4  of the "Celtic Solstice" mystery: four-patches. I set about cutting on Saturday and made these:

21 4-patches
In the meantime the number has grown slightly.

I've so far done a bit of every step, but finished none of them. One of the advantages of being behind, however is that you get to do 2 steps simultaneously. I used the half square triangles (HSTs) from step 3 as Leaders and Enders in step 2. Of course this isn't going to get all 200 done, but it's something.
Step 3 HST as Leader & Ender for
 (beginning of) chain of step 2 half-chevron-blocks

90 HSTs; all leaders and enders!

Most of the rectangles from step 2 are, to my amazement, still not rectangles when they are finished. Wishful thinking; I just spent the morning checking and cutting bits off! The problem seems to be that the flipped triangle didn't flip straight along the top (at least some of the time).
So while yesterday I thought I had finished the rectangles and laid them out ready to be joined into chevrons, an easy task, it's not and so far only 32 chevron blocks are complete, but I feel the end is in sight.  It seems like they're going on forever.


I experienced some delay with step 1 because I didn't have the right tool, but got help from some of you after the step one link up and was able to order the Tri Recs tool, rather belatedly. So although I've finally cut all the triangles for step one, I haven't done anything more about putting them together.

Happy sewing,



Frances said...

Wow you have some great colours, can't wait to see yours altogether.

TLC said...

Your chevrons look so pretty up on the design wall

Vireya said...

Your wall of chevrons look great!

Connie said...

Beautiful choice of colors!!

Elizabeth said...

I was not brave enough to try different colors. I look forward to seeing your blocks as they grow with each step from Bonnie. It is fun.

Andee said...

Your mystery is coming along slendidly!