Monday, 29 March 2021

Monthly goal for March - not reached

unsuccessful fabric trials

My goal for March was to work on a WIP, and I did, and I tried to create a background for my gypsy dancer collage, but have absolutely nothing permanent to show for it.  

Despite working on it I'm no further than I was at the beginning of the month. I failed to create a suitable background.

After about a week of frustration I turned my attention elsewhere in the hope that moving away from the problem would free my mind to find a solution. 

I sewed strings for an Ad Hoc Improv Quilters challenge:

I sewed trees for the Table Scraps challenge:

I practised free motion quilting in Lori Kennedy's QAL:

(definitely more practice needed!)

Together with friends at a distance I sewed some I-spy blocks for a secret baby quilt (secret! 😀):

Practice block

I even knitted the greater part of a sock:

Unfortunately, none of them helped, and the background to my gypsy dancer is still empty!

I shan't be spending any more time on it until the lockdown is lifted and the second part of this workshop (originally scheduled for April last year) can take place. I've come to the conclusion that I can't go it alone, and need some support from an expert.

So my goal for next month will not be the same as this month, although it may be one of these projects above. Whatever it will be, I hope to achieve more towards reaching my goal than this month.

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Happy sewing


Friday, 26 March 2021

Green Trees Runner

Here it's still too cold for leaves on the trees, although some are just beginning to show little points of green, so it won't be long now.

This month's colour at the Rainbow Scrap Challenge is green, and although I don't have a rainbow project this year, I have used this colour prompt for my "Table Scraps" table runner.

You might recognise the pattern; it's from Bonjour Quilts and was offered free online last year in aid of the appeal for quilts for victims of the Australian bush fires. The Dutch Modern Quilt Guild, including me, made such blocks, and one of our members turned the blocks into quilts and sent them half way round the world. It's an easy pattern to put together; choosing the fabrics takes an age!

This is still only a top, and measures 36" x 13". My table is 1.4m (approx 55") so perhaps I should add another tree. Of course it also needs quilting and binding before it can grace our Spring table next weekend.

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Sunday, 7 March 2021

Magic cubes and works in progress.

My magic cubes is now a top. I really didn't think at the beginning of February that this would ever happen, but working on it was my goal for February, and see here!

This wall hanging is approximately 24 inches square. The fabric is hand-dyed poplin and Moda Bella anthracite. Now it is on the pile to be quilted. 

Also finished is my contribution to the Do Good Stitches Comfort Circle; this month's queen is Charlotte . The assignment was three navy blocks with stars in two of them; difficult, when you don't have much navy, to create the necessary contrast in the patchwork. I hope these meet the requirements.

Meanwhile I will be seriously working on this fabric collage, which is my one monthly goal for March (I've already done some fabric trials),


and a table runner prompted by the table scraps challenge. No photos as yet, but it will be green.


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Monday, 1 March 2021

One Monthly Goal for March

At the beginning of January I assigned a colour to twelve of my UFOs, with the intention on working on each project during the month of that colour in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. Yesterday Angela announced the colour for March: GREEN. So while all the rainbow challengers are sewing green fabric I'll be making a background for:

my project with the green label, a collage which I started in February last year during a workshop with Elly Prins. I used a design by Laura Heine as the inspiration.

photo: Laura Heine (from pattern booklet)

I have been thinking of creating some sort of landscape as background/frame, but now will have to make a decision. The background is my goal this month.

I also plan on adding embellishments once I have quilted the piece; I have more ideas about how to do that! The real challenge will be her face: not too silly, too mean or too angry; we read so much into faces. But I probably won't get that far this month.

My goal in February has been progressing so well that I really want to continue while I'm on a roll. It requires relatively little work to make it into a top, so I shall probably be working on that too for the next couple of days.

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