Friday, 26 February 2021

Table scraps challenge

Almost at the eleventh hour here is my yellow scrappy mug rug for the table scraps challenge.


I've been making a lot of pieced hexagons lately, but this is by far the simplest design, and in all senses scrappy. I made it in record time, and that shows! Nevertheless it will function very well as a mug rug. Surprisingly I had very few yellow scraps long enough to make this from.

In March I shall start thinking about the challenge sooner, and hopefully won't resort to a hasty mug rug.

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Monthly goal for February

 My goal for February was to work on my "Magic Cubes" which had looked like this for 5 years:


I have worked on it and finished the FPP.

Now it looks like this:

and, although it's not finished, I have achieved my goal. In fact I got a lot more done than I had expected and I just need to sew the blocks together. Although the pattern includes setting triangles to make the piece square, I think I may leave it as a hexagon, and use it as a table topper.

This was not as difficult as I remembered from the workshop, although the correct placement of the colours in the 12 linked triangles was quite a puzzle. I'm pleased I only needed to unpick one of them! I will probably make it again, and this time go for cubes! I seem to have beaten the FPP phobia, thanks to Leila Gardunia's "Year of Scrappy Triangles" QAL, a few years ago.

Now the question remains whether or not I will make finishing this my goal for March,  or stick to my plan to work on a different UFO each month.

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Monday, 1 February 2021

One Monthly Goal February

My goal for February is to work on my Magic Cubes wall hanging. 

Photo from the pattern

At the beginning of January I made a list of UFOs and gave 12 of them each a colour code. The plan is that when the Rainbow Scrap Challenge is announced each month I will work on the UFO with that colour code on my list. This month's colour appears to be is yellow, and my yellow UFO is Magic Cubes.

I started this in a workshop five or six years ago. Unfortunately the organiser of the workshop failed to mention that it was foundation paper piecing or I would never have joined. FPP makes me nervous; I've had so many bad experiences, especially cutting pieces back to front! I chose to make it from fabric I'd dyed myself, which I consider precious and was really afraid to cut, especially considering my record on cutting for FPP. That, of course, I see now was a totally unfounded fear as in home-dyed fabric the dye is equally distributed on both sides of the fabric: there is no right or wrong side.

My colour plan

At the workshop the first action was to make Paterno templates of all the pieces as preparation for cutting.

The next stage was to colour all the pieces on a layout plan, according to my own idea, and available fabrics. Then cut them out and stick them onto another sheet of paper. I chose this colour scheme, based on the left hand photo on the pattern sheet, because I thought it gave the most 3D effect.

Now I'm not so sure!


That day I made pieces 1, 2, 4 and 5, and cut all the large background triangles. There is a lot to be done, and it's making me tired just writing about it!

This remains, however, my goal for this month: to work on Magic Cubes (which, in this colour formation, look more like hexagons!) whether I have to unpick or not. Whether I finish this month or not, I have to beat it somehow!

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