Friday, 26 June 2020

Wonky Log Cabins: end in sight!

My one monthly goal for this month was to finish the table runner using the wonky log cabins I made with the scraps left over from last year's summer sampler. All I needed to do was add the backing and quilt it! Shouldn't take long, should it? I wanted to use the blocks I was making in the online course "Mid-Century Modern curves" (click, and then scroll down for course info), but they are too big.

The next plan was to use the modern curves technique, and make smaller blocks. Finally, this afternoon, I opened a mystery project box (not a mystery quilt, but a project box, whose content was a mystery to me). On top were some reasonably sized pieces of solid fabric - definitely potentially useful. And then, underneath them, some 8" squares already cut - definitely highly useable! But under them eight 6.5" Windmill Block units, made several years ago, following the instructions in Sujata Shah's "Cultural Fusion Quilts", and using the 8" squares already cut.

Within half an hour I had made four more Windmill units, added them to the eight existing, resulting in three windmill blocks, just the right size for the reverse of the table runner. I think a 2" border will just bring them up to size. Nothing to it really! Why did the thinking take so long? No, rather, why didn't I look in that box sooner?

I already know how I'm going to quilt it, but I doubt I'll get that finished in the next four days. This isn't a report of a finish, but of progress made this month. This will quite likely be finished sometime next week. Watch this space! 😀

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Saturday, 13 June 2020

A new scrappy project

Angela at SoScrappy gives a colour each month for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge and a lot of us pick out our scraps in that colour and use them.

I showed my pink bead blocks last week, but while I was looking round on the SoScrappy and Oh Scrap links-up last weekend I saw something intriguing. Julie in GA showed a photo of her progress in her rainbow project. However much I looked at it I just couldn't work out how Julie had made the blocks. She kindly pointed me towards the Scrap Snap QAL and I'm hooked!

Here are my first Scrap Snap blocks:

The blocks all finish at 6" in the quilt and are made up of different combinations of just four pieces. That makes the cutting easy and the piecing not boring! I made these this week as leaders and enders while working on another project.

The QAL started in January so I'm rather late, but I'm not going to play catch up; I'll just make the other colours next year as we come to them.

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Saturday, 6 June 2020

Wonky log-cabin table runner still needs a reverse side

Finishing this was my goal for last month.

While I got the pieces assembled into a table runner top, I haven't managed to make the reverse side yet. I want to make a reversible table runner, so just slapping a piece of fabric onto the back won't do!

At present I'm following an online course with Carol Lyles Shaw, mid-centrury modern curves, which involves freehand-cut drunkard's path blocks being cut and reassembled improv-style. I had hoped to be able to use the resulting blocks as the reverse, but they finish at 16.5", wider than my table runner! I'll be making smaller modern curves blocks this month.

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We're in the pink in June!

For the Rainbow Scrap Challenge this month, Angela has chosen pink. If you click on the RSC button, you will be able to visit more bloggers looking through rose-coloured spectacles!

My six pink bead blocks:

I didn't make any bead blocks last month; dark green isn't very successful paired with charcoal.

I haven't blogged much recently, and now am facing the extra challenge of Blogger's new look! Incredibly it took me ages to locate the "new post" button! But then I have never been good at reading icons. I hope I can find the "preview" and "post" buttons!

Our lockdown here has been lifted, although we have to maintain 1.5 metres' social distancing. This means we are now able to invite friends for coffee or drinks, as long as we have enough room to leave at least 2.5 metres between the chairs. So no big parties yet, but at least non-digital conversation is possible. That's such a relief!

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