Thursday, 31 October 2019

One Monthly Goal November

My October goal was to finish my "Overlapping Octagons". Hmm!

A few minutes ago, on Thursday 31 October, just as the sun was setting,

 I finished the quilting

but not the whole quilt! I still have hundreds of threads to bury, before I can even think of straightening up and binding. I failed to reach my goal! Boo!

The Octagons therefore are featuring in One Monthly Goal, yet again!

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Happy sewing


Sunday, 20 October 2019

RSC 2019 Bow-ties is a finished top!

For the Rainbow Scrap Challenge Angela gives a colour and participants all over the world make blocks in that colour from their scraps. This year there is also a sampler; some of the block instructions being given by Angela, and some by participants themselves, resulting in a different tiny block each week.

This year I decided not to make the sampler, but to make bow-tie blocks inspired by a quilt published last year in "Make Modern" issue 22. I was particularly struck by the effect achieved by this layout.

This will be a lap quilt or possibly a baby quilt as it measures 48" by 54".

Here are some detailed photos.

Each coloured fabric occurs only once, but I had to repeat some of the neutrals.

Double Dutch Bee mates: can you spot some of the fabric from the uglies table in here? There are at least two!

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Thursday, 10 October 2019

Finish Along 2019 Q4

This is my list for the Finish along in the fourth quarter of 2019. As usual rather optimistic, but several items are nearing completion.

1.   Overlapping Octagons - for the UandUQAL hosted by Sujata Shah. The challenge is to reproduce a quilt from a photo in Roderick Kiracofe's book, "Unconventional and Unexpected, American Quilts under the radar". I have about one quarter of the quilting done.

2.   Pullover - The sleeves and neckline are done; I'm now weaving in the threads.

3.   Bow ties - inspired by a pattern in "Make Modern". My 2019 project for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge
(The mistake below has now been corrected!)

4.    For the Boys - pattern by Jen Kingwell, published in her book "Quilt Lovely". This I will start as soon as the Overlapping Octagons and the Bow Ties are finished.

5.   Dwellings - appliqué wall hanging - pattern by

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Friday, 4 October 2019

Rainbow Bow-ties

My project for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, hosted by Angela at Soscrappy, this year has been bow-ties. I read yesterday that the colours for October are black, grey, and brown, so I decided to call it a day (or perhaps that should be year) and have started putting the quilt together.

webbing in progress

the last two columns waiting their turn

I first sewed all the blocks in column 2 to those in column 1. Then I added the blocks in column 3, and so on. On the table are all the blocks up to and including column 7 joined with vertical seams.

On the design wall are columns 8 and 9, here still waiting for the last two blocks but otherwise ready to be added to the rows on the table.

The next step will be to sew the horizontal seams which should go easily as the blocks are already attached to one another.

Ha,ha, look what I just found:

The last three blocks in each of the last two rows have somehow got twisted! Unpicking in progress! I hadn't noticed until I got to that point with the next column. One block I can understand, but six!

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Thursday, 3 October 2019

"Circles" is finished!

Circles is finished?

Well, it's labelled, quilted and bound, which usually means finished, right?

I made these blocks several years ago in the Quilty 365 project, hosted by Audrey at Quilty Folk: one circle each day,  appliquéd onto one square. I chose to do needle turn appliqué, which I'd never done before. Finally I've got 180 circles together in a quilt. I stopped making the blocks in the middle of August that year, and have got a box full of appliquéd circles waiting for another project.

But now, every time I look at this quilt I think it needs quilting inside the circles. I started quilting it that way last year, but it was impossible to get through the "made fabric" with all it's seams.

This circle, for instance, has twenty one different pieces of fabric in it. Twenty one in a 3" circle! What was I thinking?!

I've thought that tying those circles that are too thick to quilt might be a solution. I'll give it a try. If that works I'll quilt the flatter circles by hand.

The blocks might look rather strange: some tied, some quilted. Too bad!
Not just yet, however, I have to wait for the inflammation in my right shoulder to subside.

Meanwhile, it's a finish!

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Wednesday, 2 October 2019

October's goal

September left without my realising it and without achieving my goal to quilt my "Overlapping Octagons" for the UandU QAL.

All was going well until inflammation in my right shoulder put pay to machine quilting two weeks ago. Although the shoulder is less painful now and I'm sewing again, I haven't dared to try quilting. It was probably heaving the quilt through my machine that caused the injury in the first place.

So far I have quilted about two thirds of the vertical blue sections. I've been using a quilting ruler and foot for the first time and there are lots of imperfections. I can live with them; you have to start somewhere! Once the vertical sections are finished I can start on the horizontal and then the red squares; let's hope I get this finished this month!

My goal for October is to finish my Overlapping Octagons.

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Tuesday, 1 October 2019

The last purple bow ties

September's rainbow scrap colour is purple. I showed a few blocks earlier in the month, but made these three this afternoon, at the eleventh hour, as it were. These were three of my haul from the "uglies" table at a quilt bee a few months ago.

I think the top right will have to be on the border between pale blue and purple in the final layout; it hasn't yet decided what colour it really is! I haven't seen October's colour yet, but I think I have enough bow ties, and I'm starting on the layout.

Have a good week!

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Happy sewing


Saturday, 7 September 2019

Some purple bow ties

Angela posts a colour every month for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, and this month's colour is purple. I thought last month's colour would be purple, so while I was waiting for Angela's post I jumped the gun and made one at the beginning of August. It may even have crept into one of last month's posts, but here are all my purple bow ties so far; both for August and September!

I wasn't planning on doing brown or black, but I do need to make a few more blocks to get a satisfactory layout, so maybe grey will creep in next month too, as well as some of the colours I've already used.

I have another scrappy project on my design wall at the moment:

No planned colour scheme here!
4.5" shoo fly blocks for the 2019 Leaders and Enders challenge organised by Bonnie Hunter. If you're interested in the challenge, or just in the concept of leaders and enders click here.

Another scrappy project that's just come off the wall:

Overlapping Octagons is ready to be layered and quilted.

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Wednesday, 4 September 2019

One Monthy Goal for September

September is a short month, so here's a short post with my goal.

inspired by a quilt (In Dialogue with an Anonymous Quilt, p.18) in Roderick Kiracofe's book "Unconventional and Unexpected, American Quilts Below the Radar 1950-2000"
Overlapping Octagons should become a quilt. This is my first make at the Unconventional and Unexpected QAL hosted by Sujata Shah.

Quite a few other things are in progress, so here's hoping!

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Happy sewing


Thursday, 29 August 2019

Circles quilt
  My goal for August was to make progress in hand quilting my circles quilt.

 I've made progress in quilting round about 160 of the 180 circles. 
Ready to quilt on the lavender coloured background yesterday evening.
Most of the circles left to quilt are along the edge, where there isn't enough fabric to use the frame.
I've discovered that I can quilt without the frame if I stabilise the the outside edge of the quilt with big machine stitches first. That's enough to ensure I don't pull the fabric sideways while sewing.

Still to do before this is finished:Add the label

  1. Quilt the last approx. 20 circles
  2. Bind.
I should manage that in the next week or so. Now to choose a WIP or UFO for next month's goal!

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Happy sewing


Saturday, 10 August 2019

some pale blue bow ties

For August the Rainbow Scrap Challenge is pale and bright blue. I only had two pieces of pale blue large enough to make these two 6" blocks.

They look so washed out, and that isn't because it's raining so hard the whole world looks washed out from here, but because there isn't enough contrast between the pale blue and the neutral fabrics (and the weather doesn't help!). Maybe I'll only have two representatives of pale blue in my quilt.

I have some bright blue, but I used that in the "dark blue" month.

Are the two blocks on the right of the bottom row "dark blue" or "bright blue" ?

I also have these blues:

which I would have used in June, but find the print too big for these 6" blocks. They are bright in my opinion, but the print is still as large as it was in June!

And finally, still hot from the iron, my first 4.5" unfinished shoo fly block for the 2019 L&E challenge:

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Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Happy sewing