Saturday, 18 April 2020

RSC colour for April is blue: pale and bright

Angela has chosen blue for April's blocks, and here are my blue beads:

Blue is not my favourite colour, by any means, but for some reason I have an enormous amount in my stash, mostly very dark.

I hope everyone is managing to keep their distance and stay safe. Here we are not being confined to our homes, but people not respecting the 1.5 m social distance rule in public are getting hefty fines. We are all strongly advised to stay in our own homes, only leaving them for grocery shopping and a walk or run in the neighbourhood for the sake of our health. Not difficult for me: I'm retired so make my own timetable anyway, and as you know my hobby doesn't require my going anywhere. At present there are no concerts, exhibitions or shows to visit anyway. I miss visiting friends and family, but in these trying times thank goodness for the Internet!

I'm linking up to:
Click on the button to see more blue scraps being put to good use.

Happy sewing


Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Summer Sampler 2019: One Monthly Goal for April

At the beginning of each month Patty at Elm Street Quilts holds a link up for projected goals, not necessarily finishes.
This month I'm going to try to assemble my Summer Sampler 2019.

I finished making all 21 blocks about a month ago, and as one finished smaller than the rest (how did I manage that?)  

it will get borders and become a cushion and the rest a 4x5 block quilt with narrow sashing and no borders. At least that's what I think now!

Come back here at the end of April to see how far I've got.

In the meantime visit Patty's blog:
to see what other crafters are aiming to do.

Happy sewing