Saturday 1 July 2023

My one monthly goal in July.

Marie Greene launched the pattern for this year's 4-day KAL yesterday. I can tell you now that it will take me more than four days to turn this:


into a jumper, albeit with short sleeves.

However I do know that this will be taking a lot of my time over the next four weeks!

As this is a quilting blog I am making my one monthly goal a quilting one. 

Of the four goals I listed in June, I finished the Hemisphere quilt and assembled the 18-patch blocks into a top; the other two are still on the pile!


18-patch top for Do Good Stitches

I plan to add the wadding and backing to the 18-patch quilt the Comfort Circle of Do Good Stitches made in March. It would be wonderful if I also manage to quilt, label and bind it. Who knows ..?!

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Sew happily!



Friday 30 June 2023

A finish at the last minute: Hexagonal Hemispheres

 Just in time to link up with One Monthly Goal:

Hexagonal Hemispheres: pattern by Sheila Christensen, quilted by Elly Prins

Sweet batik backing

After all it's a throw!

This was made during a QAL designed and hosted by Sheila Christensen a few years ago. I don't know why it took me so long to finish, because I kept up with the piecing during the QAL, just afterwards I hit a phenomenal dip. Finally, I took it to Elly Prins who quilted it for me.

The fabric in the hexagons, which are all traditionally pieced (no foundation piecing or EPP), came from my stash; the sashing, setting triangles and border fabric is basic fabric from Stof fabric, a Danish company.

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Sew happily




Thursday 1 June 2023

One Monthly Goal in June

 My goal for May is was to bind my hemisphere hexagons, but although I wrote the post I forgot to post it!

As I didn't touch any of these projects all month here they are again! This first one remains the priority.

Hemisphere quilt: pattern: @mystery quilter

Also waiting for action are:

  • to add hand quilting:
rainbow beads curtain


Staying positive: pattern: Brigitte Heitland
  •  to assemble:

These last are the March blocks from the Comfort Circle of Do Good Stitches. The idea was shamelessly lifted from Cathy, whose prodigious scrap quilts for charity are an inspiration.

There are 30 days, so that means on average one project per week. It should be possible but some tasks require more time than others and I do have other thing to do with my time! I'll give binding the Hemisphere quilt the priority. Here's hoping!

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Happy sewing


Wednesday 29 March 2023

One Monthly goal in March


 .... was to finish some of the quilts on the "ready to quilt" pile. Well there is only one that is finished!


and that's about time too. This was the bee quilt of the blocks made by all the Bee members of the Do. Good Stitches Comfort Circle in March 2022! For some of the group members this was the first time they tried sewing crumbs, so they all did remarkably well. Now I have to find a destination for this Charity quilt.

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Happy Sewing


Wednesday 1 March 2023

March's goal ...

... is to make a dent in the pile of tops waiting to be quilted and bound.

There are quite a few:

Only the last one is just a top, the other three are partially quilted and need binding. I doubt if I will get them all finished because I have to tidy my sewing room first; at present I have no space on the table to lay out a quilt!

Wish me luck!

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Happy sewing


Monday 20 February 2023

Circus Cabin finished top

 My monthly goal for February was to finish the Circus Cabin top.

This pattern is by Rachel Hauser and was the subject of a sew-along hosted by her in January. 

The top measures 66" square, and is a "throw", but large enough for my bed! I used fabric from my stash, and was scraping the barrel to find enough pieces of solids long enough. 


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Happy sewing


Saturday 4 February 2023

My One Monthly Goal for February

I didn’t quite reach my goal for January as by the evening of the 31st I had just one more block to make. Spending the morning of 1 February at the sewing machine resulted in the last block being sewn and led to this:

Circus Cabin Quilt pattern by Rachel Hauser @ Stitched in Color

Sixteen 12" log cabin blocks for the Circus Cabin. Next on my sewing agenda is joining these blocks together and adding the pieced border. 

My goal for this month to finish this top, and maybe I'll get started on quilting it too.

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Happy sewing