Sunday, 28 November 2021

OMG November is finished!

My November goal was to quilt the orange table runner I made in September for the Rainbow Scrap / Table Scraps Challenge. The orange squares have been made not only from scraps, but from crumbs!

Here it is, not only quilted, but bound too!

Crumby Orange Table Runner

I quilted the main part and the outside border with randomly spaced parallel straight lines, mostly in navy but also a few orange for some variation. The navy thread is exactly the same shade as the navy fabric; is that difficult to see when quilting! The shark's teeth (arrows) which I cut freehand I quilted free motion. As someone in an earlier post suggested they looked like flames, I stitched a flame-like motif on them.

A couple more photos because I took so many!

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Monday, 1 November 2021

OMG for November

My one monthly goal for November is to quilt this table runner that I made in September.

I'll be using orange and navy blue thread, but haven't decided on a quilting design yet.


Unfortunately it's been rather quiet in my sewing room during October. I didn't reach my goal to quilt the bead quilt, which had also been my goal for September (sigh!) I did make progress, sewing round the coloured squares in the ditch, and then quilted between the lines of squares with freehand wavy lines. 


All was going well (I'd finished half of them) and I thought I would get them all done last week, but continued too long on Monday, strained a tendon in my left thumb, and had to sit and nurse it for the rest of the week! More haste, less speed! I also thought it would be a good plan to quilt the "beads" by hand - a mammoth task - but will make a good handwork project for the winter evenings, I hope. In any case this won't be finished any time soon!

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Thursday, 7 October 2021

Progress on my One Monthly Goal

My One Monthly Goal for October is to quilt my Rainbow Beads Curtain quilt, which was my Rainbow Scrap Challenge project in 2020.

This was also my goal for September, but I didn't get further than layering and pinning.

Now I'm quilting in the ditch around the "beads" with the walking foot and have finished two of the nine columns. 

I can only do one column a day as there is a lot of fabric to manoeuvre through the throat every time I change direction, and I'm trying to go easy on my shoulders. It's slow, but its progress!

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Friday, 1 October 2021

October is the lime green month

For the Rainbow Scrap Challenge (RSC) Angela gives a different colour each month, and quilters around the world make blocks, or entire projects featuring that colour. 


 This is the last colour this year as November and December are for putting the project together, or doing last minute Christmas sewing, in my case!

Joy has a table scraps challenge this year, and I'm combining the two challenges.

There isn't much lime green among my green scraps.


 But.... look what I found lurking in its recesses!

It looks a bit yellow here, but really it's green!

On a different subject: last week I mentioned in my post that the quilt I'm now quilting kept slipping off the table while I was trying to layer it. I had a couple of useful tips in the comments: 

Deb A said...

Great table topper! Are you using the roll on boards method to pin the quilt on a table? It works really well.

Vireya said... 

Your bead quilt looks fantastic! The floor is too hard for layering. I have some giant clips (about 5cm across) that I use to keep the quilt on the table for pinning. You can see them in action on this blog post:

When I asked Deb about the "roll on boards" she sent this link:  Brilliant!


A lot of green outside today, as we move quite suddenly from Summer to Autumn.

There's even some lime green here too, thanks to the town's gardens department!

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2021 Rainbow Scrap Challenge

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One monthly goal for October

In October I aim to finish my Bead Curtain Quilt that I was layering at the end of September. Although it had been my goal for September I just did not have enough handwork time to get it quilted.

October is set to be a less hectic month than September was, so here's hoping for more progress.

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Wednesday, 29 September 2021

My one monthly goal for September

 wasn't met! 😒 I wanted to quilt my beads quilt this month, but I'm still pinning it!

At the beginning of this month I wrote that I had reservations about finishing it. A difficult situation occurred in my extended family about four months ago, and I have had lengthy phone calls with my brother in the UK since (thank goodness for Skype). I thought I might have to go to the UK myself this month, but as my little part of the World was coloured dark red on the WHO Covid new infections chart, travelling was out of the question. I got some handwork done, but while handwork is my relaxation I found it difficult to settle to it.

I'm confident that this quilt will be finished in October, now the family situation in the UK has been resolved, not happily, but we are moving on. 

I don't think this qualifies as a September goal achieved, but I wanted to share my progress.

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Friday, 24 September 2021

Crumby orange table runner

The RSC colour is orange this month. I emptied my orange scrap bag and made these eight 4.5" crumb blocks. Together with improv triangles from 3.5" orange strips and Bella solid yardage in navy blue they've become a table runner.

Measurements: 38"x 17.5" (0.97m x 0.45m)

Thank you to those who responded last week about the orientation of the triangles. I tried both directions but found them rather threatening pointing outwards; pointing inwards they resemble shark's teeth about to devour the crumb blocks, which is fine by me! 

Quilting will have to wait; at present I'm layering a large lap quilt.

I used to layer quilts on the living room floor, but nowadays I can get down on the floor OK, but getting up when I've finished ...!! I'm trying to layer on the table, but this lot keeps slipping off!

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