Saturday, 10 March 2018

Squared Away in green

For March Angela chose green for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge and Mari chose a second Red Cross block for the Squared Away sampler. We made a different Red Cross block in January.

The recommendation is to make three blocks each month, but I decided to just make two finishing at 10" each, which will give me twenty blocks: a nice four by five block setting, large enough for a throw.

As I had so much to say last week about our freak weather, here's an update! The wind changed direction and the temperature rose 20ºC within two days: we're back to normal! Thank goodness!

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Saturday, 3 March 2018

Spring Greens!

As a child I hated spring greens! They were the thinnings from the rows of cabbage, spinach and broccoli seedlings and goodness knows what else besides. My father hated waste so after meticulous washing to remove soil, into the pan they went. A couple of minutes later they landed on our plates, an extremely strong flavoured sloppy dark green mess. Yuck! No waste, remember, especially not on plates!

As the colour for the RSC this month Angela has chosen light and medium green, to remind us that spring is on its way.

A nice thought Angela, especially as we had our first snowfall of the winter (all of 5mm!) last night. I need to explain (but you don't have to read; skip the rest of this paragraph if you're not interested in freak European weather!) that in a cool temperate climate snow rarely falls in flat coastal areas where the prevailing winds are warm. It just rains! For the last ten days we have been treated to north-easterly force 8 winds from Siberia bringing, for us, excessively low temperatures but dry and sunny; if it hadn't been for the force 8 part the weather would have been pleasant. These same polar winds, having frozen our socks off then crossed the North Sea, picking up moisture as they went, and dumping it on the UK which has had its heaviest snowfall ever! Last night the Westerlies blew it back, so we got a light powdering of the white stuff. Now its melting. The ground is still frozen, so it's not over yet!

OK, back to light to medium green:

I've been joining same colour 2" squares as Leaders & Enders. Yesterday I was sorting through the box of twosies (force 8 and -8 degrees C - not going anywhere!) and found I had nearly enough yellow/green to make a 49-patch. Quite a coincidence as I hadn't seen Angela's post then. So here we are: one green block already made! I've never been so quick off the mark!

Now to start cutting for Squared Away. Mari has already posted the instructions.

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Friday, 2 March 2018

One Monthly Goal for March

My goal for March is the same as my goal for February! To finish this quilt:

Rainbow Bears' Square Dance
 In February I only managed to buy fabric for the back, piece the back, layer the whole thing and quilt the wide "sashings"  between the blocks. It seems like next to nothing, but it took me all month. OK, I got sidetracked by the "Year of Scrappy Triangles", had the 'flu' for a week, did a bit of paid work, and made a couple of RSC18 sampler blocks. I managed to avoid housework pretty effectively.

For March there's relatively little left to do: quilt the blocks, starting with this one:

Then quilt the label, make a binding and bind the quilt. Put that way it'll be done in half a day!  Not really! Binding by hand will keep me occupied for at least two evenings. Not to forget burying the threads ...

If I get this finished I'll resurrect En Provence :
Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt, winter 2016-2017

which has been boxed for nearly a year. The backing is partly pieced; I'm not sure how much, but I shall be very happy if this is layered by the end of March.

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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

February's monthly goal ...

... for One Monthly Goal was to at least start quilting the rainbow bears square dance.

Well I've started.

Using the walking foot I've nearly finished quilting wobbly lines in the negative space / wide sashings. Originally I was going to do straight lines, but there was a practical problem as the sashings are different widths, and I couldn't work out how to manage the transition from wide to narrower. This way the lines just wobble closer together. All this wobbling: the bears not only stepped in the paint pots, they partook of a wee dram too many as well!

This will carry over to my goal for March as I still have to quilt the bears' paws. That will be FMQ; probably also wobbly lines, although not deliberately!

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Saturday, 17 February 2018

More purple for my rainbow

This week I made two more paper-pieced blocks in purple for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge hosted by Angela. The patterns for the blocks can be found at the blog "Sewn by Leila", along with an excellent foundation paper piecing tutorial.

This first one was going to be purple with yellow, but I got distracted while cutting and cut a third pair of yellow triangles. Not wanting to waste them the block became yellow with purple! I like the result.


As I didn't find this QAL until February and hadn't made any of these blocks in January, I also made a blue block.

Further this week my sewing endeavours have focussed on preparing  my "Rainbow Bears' Square Dance" for quilting. It's now layered so hopefully will be finished this month as that's my goal for the month.

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Saturday, 10 February 2018

The colour purple

For the Rainbow Scrap Challenge this month Angela has given the colour purple. I have made the Squared Away sampler block for February twice. It amazes me how wide the range of purple is. I'm planning to make 20 10" blocks which I think will make a good size for a lap quilt.

There was very little more purple sewing here this week; I've been piecing the backing (!!) for my 2016 scrappy rainbow and there are two or three purple pieces in it. That's come to a halt because I ran out of the fabric I'm using for the border of the backing. I miscalculated how wide it should be so soon I shall have a lot of royal blue to cut off. Meanwhile I don't have enough for the fourth side so I'm all set to visit the LQS this afternoon. No pictures yet; I'll post them when I've finished it.

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Saturday, 3 February 2018

February is purple!

The Rainbow Scrap Challenge entails using scraps of a given colour for one month, and then moving on to another colour. Around the first of the month Angela gives a new colour. Last month it was blue, and this month we've moved on to purple.

The February block in the Squared Away sampler was just released this morning so this week I used purple in two block-of-the-week projects.

Firstly in the Dutch Modern Quilt Guild's sampler:

The final deadline for sharing progress on this project is tomorrow, and there are already finished quilts posted on Instagram #dutchmqgmaakteenblokjeperweek . Needless to say mine is not among them; I still have a few more blocks to make. I will, however, be able to show how the layout will be, even though it is incomplete.

Secondly, I used purple in my block in an open online project: "The Year of Scrappy Triangles" hosted by Leila. The project started in October, so I'm joining really late; this week saw the release of block 17, and I made block number 1!
Year of Scrappy Triangles block 1
The great thing about this is that all the triangles are foundation pieced. What! foundation-pieced!!! I dislike (to put it mildly) foundation piecing. I've had such bad experiences with foundation-piecing in the past (like using far too much fabric; wasting more than actually went into the piece) that I decided I needed regular practice. While surfing the Internet a couple of days ago I came across this project and read Leila's excellent tutorial, which I recognised as giving exactly the support I needed. This first block went together very smoothly with no nasty surprises. That is quite a boost!

I recommend this tutorial to anyone who finds foundation-piecing problematic and frustrating, and what better way to get the necessary practice than to make (at least) one FPP block a week?

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