Thursday, 1 June 2023

One Monthly Goal in June

 My goal for May is was to bind my hemisphere hexagons, but although I wrote the post I forgot to post it!

As I didn't touch any of these projects all month here they are again! This first one remains the priority.

Hemisphere quilt: pattern: @mystery quilter

Also waiting for action are:

  • to add hand quilting:
rainbow beads curtain


Staying positive: pattern: Brigitte Heitland
  •  to assemble:

These last are the March blocks from the Comfort Circle of Do Good Stitches. The idea was shamelessly lifted from Cathy, whose prodigious scrap quilts for charity are an inspiration.

There are 30 days, so that means on average one project per week. It should be possible but some tasks require more time than others and I do have other thing to do with my time! I'll give binding the Hemisphere quilt the priority. Here's hoping!

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Happy sewing



Mystic Quilter said...

WOW , you have some beauties here Marly, the top one looks really complex - was it very time consuming with the piecing?

Babette said...

Thankfully the idea of the One Monthly Goal has the emphasis on ONE. I always have a ton of goals, but like you, give one priority for the One Monthly Goal. Good luck on getting done whatever you can.

Anne-Marie said...

Good luck with your goal(s)! :)