Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year & Celtic Solstice Mystery part 6: Reveal

I'd like to wish everyone in Quilters'land all the best in 2014.
De beste wensen voor 2014 aan iedereen in Quiltersland.
This being a public holiday it seemed the perfect opportunity to catch up on Celtic Solstice Mystery step 1
De vrije dag leek de perfecte gelegenheid om verder te gaan met stap 1 van Celtic Solstice. Terwijl de havermout aan het sudderen was en ik wachte tot het licht werd, las  ik de nieuwe blogposts, zag Bonnies "Reveal"  en begon gelijk de blokken neer te leggen. Havermout vergeten: aangekoekt: kleine porties vandaag.  
I was up at the usual time (surprisingly considering how late I got to sleep; fireworks in the neighbourhood until 3am). I read the new blog postings while the porridge was simmering, saw Bonnie's Reveal and immediately started putting things together on the design wall. Porridge ... 15 minutes later ... stuck to the pan! Smaller portions today.

1st view of the layout: here are 4 blocks, the orange triangles are for the border.
This is by no means the definitive arrangement; I shall be playing with the blocks for a couple of weeks. I'm not so pleased with the colour changes I made (my own choice and too late now), but this will be the small size: good for the guest room / sewing room.
Het blijft niet zo: de komende weken zal ik met de stukkjes spelen. ik ben niet helemaal tevreden met mijn kleur keuze, maar eigen schuld, ...! In ieder geval is dit voor de logeerkamer / mijn naaikamer. 

I managed to work on part 1 units until the light faded at about 4pm. Most of the units have both side pieces attached, the rest will have to wait until tomorrow's light. Meanwhile I've got enough finger pressing to do in the living room (better light) this evening: roughly 100 units. And then that's it, I can start really putting things together.

On to the next challenge: quilt-as-you-go.

about 100 step-1 units

Toch aan deel 1 units gewerkt totdat het te donker werd. De meeste hebben beide zijstukken, en de rest zal tot morgen moeten wachten. Maar ik heb genoeg te doen vanavond: alles hier moet geperst worden: bijna 100 units. En dan ben ik klaar met de patching en het in elkaar zetten van de blokken kan beginnen. 
De volgende uitdaging volgt: quilt-as-you-go.
You can see how other participants have done this mystery at Quiltville (

Happy sewing,


Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

Love your scrappy Solstice! This has been a really fun mystery...but then I always say that :) I did the small size.

Mary said...

I changed some of my colors too. After seeing those colors together, I started a second one in Bonnie's colorway, too. I have a LOT more blocks to make.

Vireya said...

It looks good to me!

I've been enjoying our long summer days here - a few times this week I have found myself at the sewing machine working on the mystery way past dinner time because I didn't realise how late it was.

Ivani said...

It was a great idea to Quilt as You Go Celtic Solstice Hugs from Summer time in Brazil.