Saturday, 11 January 2014

Emma stars and knitting yarn

I said I was trying to make one star block each day during last week. Well, this is what I managed:
Eerder deze week zei ik dat ik probeerde één ster blok per dag te maken. Het is me gelukt, en nu zijn er nog maar 6 nodig om deze border af te maken.

8 stars, of which 6 are appliquéd
There are now only 6 more to be made and then this border is complete.

Last week I was staying in the east of The Netherlands. I didn't manage to get to any quilt shops; the only ones I had tracked down were too far of our route. However I did visit the weekly market in Assen on Wednesday and to my amazement saw this:

Deze week logeerde ik in Drenthe en hoewel ik geen enkel quilt winkel in kwam zag ik wél dit op de weekmarkt in Assen:
yards and yards of knitting and crochet yarn.
meters brei- en haakgaren. I was verbaasd; in de Haagse regio ken ik maar één wolwinkel, en heb nooit kwaliteitsgaren op de markt gezien. Hier was alles, echt fantastisch. Als ik daar dichter bij woonde ...

Why amazed? In the city of The Hague (MUCH bigger than Assen) there is only one wool shop that I know of and I've never seen quality wool in the market, only unmatched dye lots of synthetic yarn. Here was everything from quick-knit wool to fine cotton and sock wool to tapestry yarn. Wow. 

Happy sewing


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