Saturday, 18 January 2014

Celtic Solstice: decisions, decisions

Deze week een paar Celtic Sostice stukjes in blokken gezet,
maar ik ben er niet mee gelukkig!

Having made all the units for the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt I've spent time putting them together this week. I'm not happy!

While this block is good:

terwijl deze klopt
this one is messy:

deze is rommelig
and there are three more blocks like this; scrappy is one thing, but messy ... The outer frame needs to be consistently light. Looking at it you'd think I'd never heard of value.
en zo zijn er nog 3 blokken en een heleboel stukjes. De dilemma is: zal ik zo doorgaan, of deze blokken opnieuw maken in Bonnies kleuren (niet paars maar geel)? Dat zou vervelend zijn en ik doe het alleen als ik een bestemming heb voor deze "wees"stukjes. 
So here's the dilemma. Should I continue anyway, or make new blocks in Bonnie's colours (yellow instead of purple)?

Remaking would definitely be a downer, but I'd try, but only if I can find another use for the units I have now. Although there are only four blocks all the units are complete so there are a lot of "orphans" to be adopted.

Ik probeerde een paar alternatieve lay-outs:

I tried some alternative settings 

 but none is satisfying.

Maar geen één is geweldig. 
Suggesties aub.
I would welcome your suggestions.

Please HELP!

Happy sewing,

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Vireya said...

The purple doesn't look so bad to me - yes the square arrangement isn't as obvious as Bonnie's, but it is still there. The purple just "smudges" it a little. Mine is much the same because some of my greens are fairly light, and some of the yellows are relatively dark. So the square is not strongly visible, but it is there. Once you have more blocks together perhaps you will feel the same about yours?

I hope you can find a solution you are happy with - it would be a shame to do all that work and not love the outcome.