Thursday, 3 April 2014

Triangle quilt along week 2- cutting


I'm just scraping in at the last minute. I haven't finished cutting yet, in fact I haven't got all the fabric yet.
This is what I have cut so far: 

There are 33 triangles in each pile, except the triangle print on the left of the middle row. There I had a cutting mishap.
I'm using the Marti Michell equilateral triangle ruler, which gives a measurement of 6" finished side, and not 6" down the middle. 
Here are Marti Michell's cutting instructions:

As with her templates you use the triangle to measure the depth of the strip. This means that the ruler has to be lined up with its SHORT EDGE along the fold in the fabric instead of with the long edge against the previous cut. I followed her instructions and they worked for 26 of the WOF strips., but two of them turned out narrower for part of their length. I'm right handed so I was cutting on the right hand side of the fabric piece, rather than to the right of the ruler, on the left. Somehow I moved the ruler and then didn't notice how far off the line it was. It's difficult to judge when you only have 6" to line up with.

I still have to cut more fabrics and as Marti's triangle is just under 53/4" tall I'll cut the rest of my strips 53/4" wide in the conventional way and then cut the extra off the top, along the triangle ruler.

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Valerie Reynolds said...

I love how bright and happy your colors are Marly! Hopefully you'll get the rest of your fabric soon:)

carla said...

HI!!!! Love your fabrics!!!!!! I will be seeing you!!!!!!

Lorna McMahon said...

Your triangles look like a real fun mix, Marly! They will make a very pretty quilt! Sorry to hear you had a cutting mishap. It happens!

Vireya said...

I'm looking forward to seeing these lovely fabrics sewn together!

Vera said...

Your colors are looking yummy! I'm looking forward to see some more :-)