Saturday, 12 April 2014

Finish along Q2

In an effort to prioritise my projects I'm participating in the finish along hosted by Katy at The Littlest Thistle.

I think finishing the following 5 projects should be feasible

1. Triangle quilt:

I'm participating in the quilt along hosted by the Sassy Quilter, but making a single-bed sized quilt. I have just under 500 triangles cut. I was late starting sewing because I wasn't able to buy more fabric until Saturday but I'm hoping to catch up this week and, if I keep on schedule, should be finished by the end of April .

2. Jigsaw quilt: 

Jigsaw quilt pattern by Pam & Nicky Lintott
from Two From One Jelly Roll Quilts
in Mmeropolitan Fair by Barbara Beckman for Moda
The top is finished, I have the wadding, but I still need to get backing fabric. I forgot to buy some when I was at the quilt show last weekend. This should be finished in May.

3. Celtic Solstice (Bonnie Hunter Mystery December 2013): 

The top is in four pieces (hence the labels), joined in rows, and has been since the second week in January! To make it ready for quilt-as-you go I just have to join the rows (at present they're webbed). I have both wadding and backing fabric. The problem is I now wonder if I could maybe quilt the whole single bed sized quilt in one go on my Bernina 440QE. Quilting the entire quilt in one go would enable me to try some more interesting quilting, maybe emphasizing the circles. This has to be decided and done, I hope before the end of June.

4. Cardigan

Back and both fronts and hopefully enough wool for both sleeves.
otherwise they'll have to be 3/4 sleeves.

which I started a couple of years ago, before Carpal Tunnel Syndrome forced me to stop knitting. When you can't knit one needle in one go, you know it's time to stop. After operations on both wrists last year I'm going to pick it up again. Now, where was I ...?

5. Toadstool House mini quilt:

I started this in a workshop on using the Apliquick: it was the piece for the workshop, but to be honest, it's not my thing. This is the first time I've started something and really lost interest very quickly. It's such a small thing, and most of it is cut and ready to appliqué, but until a few moments ago I was seriously considering scrapping it al together. But I don't like giving up, so here it is. This is going to be a real challenge to finish. Meanwhile I can be thinking what I'm going to do with it. Any ideas?

Happy sewing and fortuitous finishes



Annemieke Nierop said...

Mooie knalkleurtjes die driehoeken!

Lorna McMahon said...

Oh, I love the orange, yellow and pink palette you have chosen for your triangle quilt, Marly! Looks so bright and sunny! Love the little toadstool project, too. It's sew cute!

Vireya said...

Your triangles look great together, but sewing 500 of them doesn't sound like fun. I hope there is some way of chain-piecing equilateral triangles.

I hope your wrists will let you finish that lovely knitting.

Lisa J. said...

I love the colours in your triangle quilt and also the celtic solstice. No ideas for the toadstools.

Marly said...

My eight-year-old granddaughter chose the colours for the triangle quilt. I think my choice would have been a little more subdued.
(You are a no-reply blogger, otherwise I would have replied by e-mail.)

Lisa in Port Hope said...

That seems rather ambitious, but I agree it does help to have a committed list. Have you considered adding white and grey triangles to tone down the triangle quilt? Or is your granddaughter set on that colour scheme? With my current twin quilt in progress, I begin to understand why so many people make lap quilts, they're a lot more manageable.