Sunday, 20 April 2014

No-waste Flying Geese

I have made flying geese units by flip and sew, and by Marti Michell's method using her templates and both require sewing along a bias edge, and cutting off triangles (wasting fabric). Then I found this in a McCall's tutorial

The no-waste Flying Geese


Step 1

You need one large square and four small squares in a contrasting colour.

Sorry, here comes the Maths ...

Calculate the sizes of the squares according to this formula:

large square (geese): length of finished unit + 1 1/4"
small squares (sky) : width of finished unit + 7/8"

Example: to make 4 identical flying geese with these measurements:
Length of finished unit: 3"
Width of finished unit: 1 1/2"  
you will need:
1 Large square (geese)  3 + 1 1/4" = 4 1/4"
4 Small squares (sky)  1 1/2 + 7/8"= 2 1/4"

**  If you'd prefer metric, click here for Vireya's metric maths.  **


Step 2

Draw a diagonal on the back of all the small squares

Step 3

Pin 2 of the small squares, right sides together, onto the large square, as show in the photo. Make sure that the two diagonal lines form a continuous line and that the corners of the squares are aligned precisely


Step 4

Sew 1/4 " on each side of the line.


Step 5 

Cut along the drawn line.


Step 6

Fold the small triangles back and press.


Step 7

Pin the remaining small squares to each of the units, as shown in the photo.


Step 8

Sew each side of the drawn line, as at step 4. The two units can be chained pieced.
Cut along the drawn lines, as at step 5

Step 9

Fold back the small triangles, press and cut off the dog ears.


Voilà. Four flying geese units

and a tiny pile of dog ears.

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Happy Sewing



Dasha said...

Thank you. I know you can do them this way, but have not seen the tutorial/maths before. I'll try it next time I do geese.

Vireya said...

The maths had puzzled me until I sat down one day and figured it out. I posted about it here:
It gave me a great sense of achievement when I worked out what is happening with those funny-sized bits.

Emily Carnes said...

Awesome tutorial, I am definitely going to try this!