Sunday, 2 May 2021

May’s One Monthly Goal

The FMQ practice is still going on, but is not this month's goal. I’m going back to my year plan which is to attack my UFO’s. In January I gave each UFO a colour, and when that colour comes up as the colour of the month on the RSC I try to move that UFO on.

This month’s RSC colour is RED so the UFO is “Good Fortune”, from Bonnie Hunter’s mystery QAL from 2018 - 19. I haven’t looked at it for more than two years and I’m interested to see how far I actually got with those blocks. 

Now to find I've found the finished blocks so far: 

and the units: 

Fortunately the cut pieces and the units were in little bags and labelled (!) so it shouldn't be too difficult to see how many of each unit I planned on making. Unfortunately, I haven't found a note anywhere as to what proportion of Bonnie's total of units I was making - slipped up there! However I probably wrote about it here, so my next task is to check through old blog posts.

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

that mystery quilt is the only one of Bonnie's that I made

Chantal said...

I'm with Karen; it's the only one I've finished. I do have the amount of each units if you wish, I could email it to you. Let me know. BTW you have a good start on this project. ;^)

Vireya said...

In your post on 10th Jan 2019, you said you were going "to make a couple more blocks, and turn this into a table runner, or a sewing machine cover."

I think it would be a lovely table runner.

Mystic Quilter said...

You have come up with an excellent idea Marly. I do like the blocks you're working with at the moment.