Saturday, 1 October 2016

Wide open pouch

Last week I posted this photo:

The coloured fabric is the front, the grey raindrops the back.
as a sneak preview.

Here is the whole thing:

I used Noodlehead's free pattern for the "open-wide pouch". It all came together really easily, although the lining doesn't sit as neatly as I would have liked. That was my inexperience, I'm not complaining and I shall certainly be making more of these, also in the larger sizes.

pale grey lining: easy to find things
And one last photo: with a few small things; you can't give someone an empty pouch, now can you!

I shall be giving it to a friend this evening. She should have it by the time this goes online.

Happy sewing



Christine Barnsley said...

What a beautiful little pouch Marly... very pretty and I am sure your friend will love it! Thank you for the link to the tutorial. Christine x

mumasu said...

I have made a few of these, they go together well and are great gifts filled with bits and pieces. I have never made a patchwork one though, this is lovely

Dasha said...

Such a sweet little pouch Marly. Love the colours you have used. I am planning to make my team one each for Christmas, which means I have to make 5. I've seen them all over the place but haven't made one yet.