Monday, 31 October 2016

Floating squares

I'm working on Score 1 from Sherri Lynn Wood's "Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters".

This photo is the result of yesterday's effort; I really was on a roll for the first time in three weeks!

Since I last posted on Floating Squares I've added a fuchsia and orange and a brown and orange section. Two days ago it looked like this; those green squares had been hanging around for about ten days, and I couldn't think what to do with them. They've gone back in the box. Maybe they'll be back; who knows!

Time to change the background:

Added yesterday: orange (again!) and pink with dark green background
 Not only the background, but also the arrangement. And to ditch the orange and use bright yellow.

Work in progress

Now I feel like making a section with royal blue and emerald green! But first finish the yellow/pink!

I'm linking up to

Call in there to see lots of fabulous improv patchwork and finished quilts.

Happy sewing



Kaja said...

I really like that you are sharing lots of different stages of this quilt - it's interesting to see the choices you make and how things change as you go along. Thanks for linking up with AHIQ.

Christine Barnsley said...

I am loving this project Marly! Looking forward to seeing the other colours you are thinking of! Have a good week! Christine x

Lisa J. said...

This is fun. I like the process pictures as well.

Ruth said...

Really enjoying your progress and colour decisions!

Ann said...

I worked on this score, too and think yours is working much better. What I particularly like is the way you added more than one square of each color until you "had" to add a background filler. Mine ended up with much too much background.
One positive thing I learned from mine was to keep the extra pieces that don't fit in one block. You can add them to another block or use them when putting the blocks together. They mask the boundaries.
What fun you're having here! Thanks for linking with AHIQ.

Valerie Reynolds said...

Very do you like making this modern quilt???