Saturday, 1 October 2016

Star Light, Star Dark finished top, plus ...

For the Star Light ,Star Dark quilt along at Quilty Habit I made a big effort to get my quilt completely finished before the link-up ends on Monday. I know now I'm not going to make it! There is no way I can quilt the right half, join the two halves and get on the binding by Monday. So, although half quilted, I'm linking this to the "finished top" category.

On 3 September I took this photo of the blocks, more as a reminder of the layout than for publication, but it's the only one I had of all the blocks before today.

3 September

1 October: left: quilted; right: only layered and pinned!
here are some close ups of the quilting so far:

dark green with small stars

dark yellow
dark purple

The reverse of the dark purple star - poor quilting: to unpick or not to unpick, that is the question!
 On the large dark purple star I quilted feathers, from the centre into each of the star points. At least I tried to quilt feathers, but this bird had weathered a hurricane! Feathers of very dark and busy fabric was a mistake: I could hardly see where I was going! I'm seriously considering unpicking, but as my husband pointed out, "No-one can see them on the dark purple anyway!". Of course we can see the mess on the back, but looking now at the photos I see that the purple insert coincides with the worst of the feathers! Maybe they'll stay!

small dark purple star

small dark yellow star

Reverse, showing the quilting:

(I really wanted to put these two photos side by side, but my Canon software doesn't seem to run to making a panorama view and Blogger won't co-operate either.)

I'm not proud of the dot to dot quilting: the lines are far too wobbly, but I'm leaving them. I hate unpicking quilting.
Fabric: Assorted FQs from stash, Bella solid "sand"(?) for backing with an inset from stash (nameless)
Thread:  Aurifil 40 wt - 2324 (light khaki) bobbin; 5017 (green); 2540 (purple); 2130 (yellow)
Wadding: Cotton
Quilted on my Bernina 440.
Now I'm going to further plan the quilting of the light side. I hope I'll have finished by the end of this month.

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Jessica said...

It looks absolutely gorgeous! I love all of the different small star centers you've quilted. We are most often our own biggest critics when it comes to detailed quilting. It looks great from here! Can't wait to see the big finish. Thanks for quilting along with me! :)

Danice said...

Yes, a very pretty quilt. Your quilting stitching is beautiful.

Julierose said...

Your quilting is so lovely--so intricate..beautiful work hugs, Julierose

Kate said...

Beautiful quilt! Love the scrappy layout and the colors.

Kaja said...

You are pointing out all the flaws in your quilting but before I read the post I just looked at it and thought'wow, that quilting looks really great'.

Ruth said...

Gorgeous to me! Love the texture the quilting gives it.