Wednesday, 7 October 2015

2015 Finish Along: Q4 proposed finishes

  2015 Finish-Along

My projected finishes for the last quarter of 2015 are:

1.     Modern Maple throw 

is pieced and assembled and waiting for quilting.

2.     Mini Quilt

pattern: "Drawn Together" by Sarah Fielke

The top is finished and waiting for quilting. This will be hand quilted with Yli thread, and Aurifil 12 thread to accentuate the stars.  

3.     Sew Together bag

Sew Together Bag
pattern by So Dememted; photo: Craftsy;
This has been on my list before, and the only thing preventing me from starting is that I need to buy fusible interfacing that is firmer than the type I have now. I need to make a trip to the city (which isn't far - that's no excuse!) and REMEMBER to buy it. Having written this the battle is half over!

4.     Mola cat 



Started in a workshop in September, I need to finish the sewing and devise some use for it. It rather depends on the latter whether  or not this gets finished.

5.     Origami flower

I started this in a workshop in August, and the same goes for the origami flower as for the Mola cat. Really it's finished except for finding a use for it, or a way to display it.

6.     Poinsettia table topper - Drunkard's path 

Drunkard's path QAL at SpringLeaf Studios
I have two of these 16" blocks made and another two to make, assemble and quilt.
Deadline: Christmas!

This all looks achievable within three months doesn't it?

I'm linking up with Adrianne On the Windy Side so click on the link to see what other projects should be finished before 1 January 2016.

Happy Sewing



Debbie said...

Good list! I'll especially be watching that maples quilt!! ;-)

Christine B said...

Some beautiful projects there to finish off Marly. I hope you get them all done! Good luck! Christine x

Chantal said...

Love your projects. That origami flower is gorgeous. I would incorporate it in a bag, of course, that's so me. How about a book cover? Anyway, I'm sure you'll find something. Good luck with your beautiful projects.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

Good luck with all your finishes. Lots of great projects including the Drunkard's Path which I'm rather partial too of course. Thanks for the link. I really like the fabrics you are using. I'm afraid I fell off the wagon big time for the Finish Along and haven't played along since the first quarter. Too many WIP's, not enough time right?

Jo Ferguson said...

That's an ambitious list. All the projects are wonderful but I especially love your Modern Maples and mini quilt. said...

Good luck with finishing all of your beautiful projects. I have a Modern Maples Quilt that should be on my Finishes list but isn't, at least not this quarter. Too many other unfinished projects!

Lisa J. said...

Good luck getting through the list Marly. It's quite a long list.

Ruth said...

I love the variety in your projects and look forward to seeing your progress!

Judy@Quilt Paradigm said...

Looks like a totally doable list ;) So many beautiful projects! You can do it! ;)