Friday, 2 October 2015

Modern Maples throw - top finished

Last weekend I finished the top of my Modern Maples throw. The pattern is by Amanda Woodward-Jennings, and was the first pattern I downloaded when I discovered the Internet was full of quilty stuff! I posted about it earlier here and here.

The next step is to quilt it on my Bernina 440 QE. I have decided to quilt maple leaves in the centres of the white space squares and was wondering how to do this when I read this post from Debby Kratovil.

I drew the shape of the maple leaf block roughly on freezer paper, ironed it onto the first block - bottom right in the photo above - and started to sew around it with a 3mm length stitch and the appliqué foot. Debby was using a long arm machine in the tutorial with a free-motion foot, but I was nervous of ironing the paper onto a quilt that had already been sandwiched; wouldn't the wadding loose its puff?

using the appliqué foot for better sight on the sewing line.
I'm not sewing the paper, just roughly around it, to make a perimeter line of the leaf for when I start free motion quilting the shape of the leaf. A washable pen would function as well, except their lines tend to disappear before you're ready, and sometimes not to wash out completely. These large stitches will come out easily, I hope, once the quilting has been done. This started off fine, but by the time I was half way round it looked like this:

the paper had come loose, and I had to pin it before  I could finish the shape:

the maple leaf outline, a little puckered  but no worries it's soon to be quilted
Debby's method is great if you are making a fairly small project which manoeuvres easily through the sewing machine and are doing FMQ. My adaptation didn't work!
My lesson learnt: next time I should sew the outline onto the 12.5" square before I add it to the top.

My solution to the problem was to cut a pattern from dressmakers' tracing paper, of which I have masses, and which, unlike freezer paper, is readily available here (and cheap!), and to pin that to the squares and sew round them. The freezer paper template I'm keeping for now, to use for another project I have in mind.

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Gina Smith said...

Great idea. I use a Frixion pen to mark my quilts. I then use the iron on a cool setting to remove the marks. I've never had a problem in ironing my quilts and wadding. I find that the wadding will bounce back as long as you are not too heavy handed

Christine Barnsley said...

Hello Marly! Like how your quilt top turned out and good luck with the quilting. Maple leaves in the white spaces will look really nice. I hope the new method works better and you can get them all finished. Have a nice weekend! Christine x

Dasha said...

We have a product called a Frixion pen available literally everywhere you buy stationary, which disappears when heat is applied. It does flatten the quilt a bit ironing it, but it soon fluffs up when you wash it. You could also sew through the tracing paper. You'll have to pick that off, but it works well.

Debbie said...

oh this is lovely ! I do love modern maples!! Are you on Ig btw??

Glinda ♥ said...

Love the maple leaves. Well done for trying something new ... have never got to grips with marking quilts but then I mostly stick to stippling! Might just give this a go so thanks for the tips.

Valerie Reynolds said...

Love your fall throw! Thanks for the tip too.

Laura said...

That is going to look great quilted! thanks for linking up!

Preeti Harris said...

Your maples are lovely. Reminds me of my WIP Maple Quilt. Should finish it before Fall turns to Winter ;-p