Saturday, 8 February 2014

Photo Day 3 and 4

Day 3
This is yesterday's photo: bicycles by the station 

Work horses tethered at the station, Dutch style.
Werkpaarden, Hollandse style, bij het station.

Yesterday it rained so hard almost all day that I didn't want to expose my camera to the elements until late. This is a typical view outside railway stations here as people prefer to leave their bikes outside rather than pay for the secured bicycle shed just on the other side of that striped wall on the left. The owner of the bike at the front was prepared for the rain using a green carrier bag to keep the saddle dry.
Geen wonder de NS iets wil doen aan de fietsen bij de ingang tot het station. En dit is maar een klein gedeelte van wat er stond, en lag, bij een klein station.

Day 4
Zygocactus in bloom

Cactus in bloom, for the 28th time.
Cactus bloeit voor de 28e keer.
 I was given this on my birthday 27 years ago, and it has bloomed every year since in the first two weeks in February.
Voor mijn verjaardag ontvangen 27 jaar geleden, en het heeft ieder jaar gebloeit in de eerste twee weken van februari.

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Vireya said...

If that means you are having a birthday about now, happy birthday! (I'm assuming the zygocactus was in flower when you were given it.) Here on the other side of the world, I have a zygocactus that flowers for my birthday in May.

I couldn't see locks on many of the bikes - one has a green chain which appears to be attached to the top of the rack some how, but are the others locked in a way I can't see?