Sunday, 2 February 2014

Celic Solstice final link-up

Since November I've been making Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt: Celtic Solstice. It was fun to do and to see each week through December what everyone had achieved. This is the final link-up as far as Bonnie is concerned, I believe, but I'm way from finished. I shall be blogging on this topic for some time to come. I shall miss the link-up which has felt like a world-wide bee.

The score to date:

24 star blocks


19 pinwheel blocks
3 pinwheel blocks: partially put together

2 pinwheel blocks: almost all there

equals 48 blocks.

Hey, I'm one pinwheel block short. I need 49 blocks in total..
The funny thing is I've got 4 more pinwheels and 3 neutral star points pieces left over. More than enough, but no chevrons or blue corner triangle pieces. They were the ones that were so crooked they became rejects and hit the crumb box. When these six blocks are completed I can start quilting. I'm going to do quilt-as-you-go because there's no way I'll get all of this, once assembled, under the needle of my Bernina 440. I think I will join the blocks into rows and quilt the rows; I should be able to manage that. Then join the rows and finally make the borders, quilt them and then join them to the rest.
Goodness knows when I'll get to the binding!

If you'd like to see what other people have been doing - so many people have finished already - hop over to Quiltville and have a look round.

Happy sewing


Carole Doyle said...

I've got mine under the need of my 440, but it takes a lot of fluffing and stuffing to make it move when doing free motion. Your idea sounds like a good way to handle it! Your blocks look very good and I know you will love it when you get them sewn together.

Connie said...

Looks wonderful and I'm glad to hear I wasn't the only one who goofed and made more of one and less of another :)

Laura said...

I really like the brighter blue....good job.

Marly said...

Thank you for your comments. Carole do you realise you're a "no reply" blogger? This means I can't reply by email. I posted a link here last week to instructions for solving the issue, if you want to.

Marly said...

Thank you for your comments. Laura, I see you're also a "no reply" blogger. This means no-one reply to you by email. Last week I posted a link here l to instructions for solving the issue. it might be an idea to check it out.

TLC said...

Love your bright blocks. Can't wait to see the finish! No hurries!!

Vireya said...

You're nearly there! And it looks good!

Gina said...

Love the fabrics you've used in the blocks. THis quilt will be worth waiting for xx

QueenB said...

Marley thanks for your comment. I love the lighter colour you are using and the purple in there looks good a very nice blend.

Andee said...

It will be worth all that effort!

Karen H said...

Your blocks are lovely. This will be a very pretty quilt. I see you have been doing the Rainbow Scrap challenge. I made 2 blue blocks for January, but forgot to post them. I will have to do better with my pinks.