Thursday, 1 April 2021

One Monthly Goal in April

My goal for April is a change of focus from my year-plan. My plan for this year, as expressed in January, is to focus on shifting UFOs, either finish them or re-purpose them. March's goal hasn't moved anywhere, but January and February have both seen completed tops reaching the "waiting to be quilted" pile. There are quite a few more UFOs in that pile, so this month I'm deviating from my year plan.

I'm participating in Lori Kennedy's QAL based on her book "25 days to better Machine Quilting" and have decided that my goal for April is to focus at least 20 minutes per day on practising free motion quilting. 

Progress in my first week.

The stitches at the beginning were really uneven, but at the bottom they are a lot better, but still far from perfect. I certainly have more control, and I have learnt to adjust the top tension - never knew that - and the right tension has made a lot of difference. This was also my first try at FMQ using the darning foot and not my Bernina Stitch Regulator, which means I have to do more myself, matching the speed of my hands to that of my foot on the pedal.

With any luck, and enough practice, by the end of the month I'll be up to the challenge of dealing with UFOs again. With very little to distract me this month this looks achievable. 

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Sharon - IN said...

Hi Marly! What a great challenge for April. I also have a pile of tops waiting to be quilted. Won't it be nice for you to finish tops and FMQ them too! Hope your month goes well with increased confidence!

Robin said...

You've selected a great goal. Anytime we work to improve ourselves, it is time well spent.

Sharon Kwilter said...

Excellent goal. Good luck!

Vireya said...

Happy quilting! A month or practice is sure to improve your confidence for tackling future quilts.

Marti said...

This is a great goal and one I need to do too. I just can't get the hang of FMQ. I love how you did your name with it.

LizzyAstro said...

Your quilting looks great, but I know that practice really does help with getting the control and look that you want to have. I used to be really scared of FMQ but then realised that moat of the recipients of my quilts aren't quilters and won't see the "errors" that I see. Also most other people will not be looking at your quilting as closely as you are while quilting the quilt. Relax and enjoy the process! said...

Your free motion quilting sure looks advanced to my eye! What a great goal!