Saturday, 12 May 2018

May pinks

Each month, for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, Angela chooses a colour and Mari chooses a block and gives the instructions for the Squared Away sampler. This month's block is Baton Rouge Square  in pink (with that name it sounds as if it should be red!).

I have done more pink sewing in the last month:

My starting block for the Dutch MQG (district West) bee round robin. I really made it at the end of April, and it's due to be passed on this Tuesday. I posted more about it here.

Soon I shall have more time for sewing as I have now finally retired. My first task, however, is to sort through, and largely throw away, my teaching materials accumulated over the last 43 years! It really doesn't seem that long. For most of that time I was working from home and visiting client companies which is why my materials occupy 4.5 metres of shelf space. Just imagine how much fabric and how many project boxes I can stash there! Even so, it feels like I'm taking my life to the paper recycling bin; so much effort went into those 4.5 metres!

Sewing has always been my hobby, and quilting since I officially retired 6 years ago. Everyone needs a retirement challenge: mine was to be patchwork and quilting. Unfortunately a few days after my "retirement" my boss asked me to return. It's nice to be thought indispensable, but I was finding the pressure increasingly difficult to deal with. Hopefully now I can pick up where I thought I would be six years ago.

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Happy sewing



LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Congratulations on being finally retired! I was a teacher for my career, and retired 3 years ago. Cleaning out my classroom was quite a job! I think our sweet custodian emptied my recycle bin daily for the last month of school! Your Squared Away blocks look great, and I really like your Round Robin block, too.

Mari said...

Congratulations on finally really retiring! Getting rid of all those materials will be a little sad, but also very liberating. Your blocks look great, and I love the MQG one. So cute!

Ivani said...

Welcome to the retired team!!! Enjoy this new phase in your life.
Your pink blocks are beautiful. ♥

LA Paylor said...

you'll get right back in the swing of things... sewing is like that. I never understood people being bored in retirement. There is so much to do and experience in life! Now you get to do all that exploration.

Laura said...

Your pink blocks look terrific! I am so jealous; I wanna be retired! Lucky you! Congratulations! Let the fun begin!

Christine B. said...

Lovely blocks Marly and congratulations on your retirement! Sorry not to have had time to visit much recently.... I have moved house again and am only now getting settled. Hope to visit again soon! Christine x

Sandy said...

Happy Second Retirement! Have fun with that.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Your RSC and MQG blocks both look great!!

Vireya said...

Happy retirement, Marly! I hope you will have many happy years of patchwork and quilting ahead.