Sunday, 20 May 2018

Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2018 halfway summary

Each month, for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, Angela chooses a colour and Mari chooses a block and gives the instructions for the Squared Away sampler. This month's block is Baton Rouge Square  in pink; I posted about my pink blocks here. As the RSC is running for 10 and not 12 months this year, May marks the half way point. It's time for a summary so here are my blocks so far.

 And here are my squares with wonky stars:

I just finished the yellow star, and the green one I made a couple of months ago. The others I made last year. These started as leaders and enders with 2" squares, and when I have enough of one colour I make them into a big square with the wonky star. Last year I had cut a lot of red squares apparently! Some months I just haven't accumulated enough 2" squares to make a square.

I'm liking up to:

Click on the button to view the display of RSC pinkness.

Happy sewing



Linda said...

I love Wonky Stars - I have made loads of these in the past and I know I will again on the future. A definite favourite. Your other blocks look great too, more intricate I think.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Pretty PINK block, made this year or last, thanks for sharing your sweet Wonky Stars!

Ivani said...

Love, love, love all but your wonky star is calling me.

Lisa J. said...

Every thing looks beautiful Marly. All your blocks go together so well. You will have a great quilt when it is finished.

Chantal said...

Your Wonky Stars are the best. Love them big time. ;^)

Christine B. said...

Beautiful blocks Marly! I always love seeing the blocks you make for the RSC, they are always so pretty! Have a lovely week! Christine x