Saturday, 31 March 2018

March's OMGoal almost finished!

At the beginning of March I set trying to finish this quilt as my goal:

(and, incidentally at the beginning of February too!) Unfortunately it's still not quite finished. I don't know what happened to March, except that it quick marched all the way and April starts in seven and a half hours!

The picture below doesn't look very different, but appearances can be deceptive.

Rainbow Bears' Square Dance at the end of March.

The difference is in the detail:

All the rainbow blocks are now quilted, the label is attached (nearly forgot it!). The extra wadding and backing could now be removed and the quilt bound but I can't find the last piece of dark grey fabric to make the binding! If I find it, I'll try to finish it tomorrow evening, and otherwise it will have to wait until later in the week as the LQS is closed until Wednesday.

Guess what's going to be first on my list for April!

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Happy sewing



Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I like the quilting on this colorful quilt. More and more I find the squiggly line quilting and straight line quilting the only way I like machine quilting to be - of course it is the easiest too which is what I need when I do it!

Chantal said...

Awesome job, Marly. I love it! Good luck find the grey binding fabric. ;^)

Vireya said...

So close to finishing this lovely quilt! Hope the binding fabric turns up.

Patty said...

great progress. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal.

Lisa J. said...

You accomplished more than me this month...but I set a really small goal. The quilt is looking really good.

Sandy said...

Wow, it IS almost finished! It looks really great. You know that binding is right where you put it, right?

Kaja said...

It may not be quite finished, but you are really close, which is the next best thing. It's looking good.