Saturday, 31 December 2016

Quilting Goals for 2017.
Yvonne at Quilting Jet Girl is holding a link up for 2017 goals. Click on the button for the link.

At the eleventh hour I'm posting my quilting goals for 2017.
  1. Tidy my sewing room (aka guest bedroom), so that next year it might even be possible to see the guest beds!
    this was one year ago, and now it's even worse!
    And hopefully use them. And secondly (more importantly) possible to know what I have in my stash and where it is, in order to avoid spending an hour looking for "that dark purple with owls and spiders" which never did turn up! The current mess is thwarting creativity.
  2. Make a planner. I have an old filoFax, from the pre-digital planner days, I'm going to chuck out the remaining pages and repurpose it for a quilting journal and planner, with my own page layout.
  3. Continue trying my hand at improv.
    copyright infringement? - a view of a corner and it's been boxed

    Finished: Crossways QAL Instagram: #crosscutquiltalong 

    Score #1 from Sherri Lynn Wood's The Improv Handbook for modern quilters: "so far, so good!"
    This year I started three projects; one is finished, one is on-going, but the first one I started was shelved following an unsettling article in the Dutch Quilt Guild magazine about copyright law infringement. I hadn't realised that taking inspiration from a work in one medium could constitute copyright infringement. I shall finish it, but won't be publishing until I know it's safe to do so.
  4. Decide which of my WIPs are really UFOs, and make, or join in, a system for resurrecting  UFOs.
  5. Linked to no. 4 above: try harder to resist the temptation to start something new!!
  6. Try to find other, preferably "modern", quilters locally (area of The Hague, Netherlands) who would like to sew together with me on a regular basis. At the moment the world wide web is my quilting community, and much as I love you all, some face-to-face contact would be welcome.
I've been reading other posts on this link up, and some contributors have such detailed lists; they are already far more organised than I am. My list is a start and I'll be filling in the details in my new planner as I consider the items above more deeply.

Have a good Hogmanay everyone, and may 2017 bring everything you wish for.

Happy sewing



Charlene S said...

I love your goals and understand each one especially the face-to-face contact. Yet you know there is always face to face on the Internet. My great granddaughter contacts me that way all the time.

Julierose said...

Your goals look really "do-able" foodie goal is to stop eating Cape Cod Potato chips--hmmmm, well, maybe I'll just have to break on that one!! Hahahaha hugs for a Happy New Year Julierose

Scrap and quilts said...

Good luck with your goals. I have joined a Artisans Club where ladies meet once a month. I've only been to one so far and I really enjoyed it. Some are quilters, knitters, weavers, all kind. We meet again on Jan 6 and I can barely wait. Hope you find a nice group that thrills and inspires you too. Have a Happy New Year, filled with love, good health and many blessings. ;^)

Yvonne @Quilting Jetgirl said...

Thank you so much for sharing your goals and linking up. I hope that you find satisfactory resolution to the copyright question and find creative joy and pleasure as you work on this list in 2017. Happy New Year!

Mystic Quilter said...

Good planning here!! My thoughts are not yet of paper - I should say computer - but hopefully will be within a couple of days.

Christine Barnsley said...

Great goals for 2017 Marly! I hope you have enjoyed a lovely Christmas and send you my best wishes for a wonderful year 2017! Christine x

Kate said...

Sounds like a very solid and achievable set of goals. Good luck with your ambitions for 2017

Nancy said...

I don't know what happens that our work areas become so cluttered. I put my fabrics away after cutting but I still seem to end up with fabric and other things laying around -- especially blocks in progress! Ugh.

I have never hear of inspiration having a copyright, even if you create a quilt based on a painting, but maybe it's true. (I'm not yet good enough to try such a project, though.)

Happy New Year to you!