Monday, 5 December 2016

En Provence Mystery - clues 1 & 2

It's that time of year again; Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville mystery month! Somehow I just couldn't resist!
I couldn't post last week because I was away from home, and hadn't even been able to get started, but this is my progress so far.

unlikely but possible layout!,
I'm only making half the units and at present have some 40 neutral 4-patches (clue number 1) and 30 triangle point squares (clue no.2). The remaining pieces for the 50 triangle points are ready and waiting, along with some 6x2" strips for the 4-patches which I'm in the process of joining as leaders and enders. I'm going to need many more of them!

Finished units on the left, waiting pieces on the right.
I've finally gone wild with the concept of "neutral" being anything which is at least 50% neutral, so there are elephants and moose in there as well as flowers and leaves and the odd text. I'm enjoying the result of so much variation in neutral! My photos don't do justice to the lush dark pink batik I'm using for the triangle points. This was the only fabric in the whole shop that approximated to the shade of Bonnie's fabric. Had any other customer wanted the bolt of Bella solids "magenta" that afternoon she would have had to fight me for it, as I lugged it from shelf to shelf tying to find a low volume print a few tones darker! We do have paint chips here, but in a different language the colours have other names! So Moda's colour chart came to the rescue. Normally batik wouldn't have been my choice to mix with ordinary cotton print, but scrappy is scrappy, after all.

I'm linking to the Quiltville linky party.

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Happy sewing



gayle said...

I think the batik will be perfect! And your neutrals just sing! (I've been pushing myself to be more adventurous with neutrals, too. It hasn't been easy!)

Ingrid said...

Leuke blokjes genaakt! De rest komt ook wel goed. Groetjes Ingrid.

Scrap and quilts said...

Why not mix batik with print? You just might start a new trend; who knows? Anywho, I love the batik you picked. I have finally joined Bonnie (first time) but I will restraint myself to a smaller size project. Enjoy! ;^) said...

Nice job......

I'm working on the mystery Orca Bay alongside En Provence. I started it last year but never finished. It was this one that I was sad I didn't do so I started the next year.

Will keep watching your progress.

Peggy in NJ

Vireya said...

I'm trying to embrace Bonnie's idea of "neutral", too. I love the variety and depth it gives.

Your magenta is beautiful. I was a bit the same when I bought mine. It jumped off the shelf at me, and then I carried it around for 5 minutes just seeing if there was anything else anywhere in the store I liked as much (or was a bit cheaper). Nothing on the "sale" table, nothing in the remnants section. So I stuck with it.

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Looks great Marly! How neat that we both used batiks! I often mix batiks with regular quilt fabric and it always turns out great!

TheEclecticAbuela said...

Beautiful magenta!

Teresa in Music City said...

I love your fabrics Marly!!! That magenta is perfect :*). I've begun using all types of fabrics together for my scrappy projects and it adds dimension as well as color. We are so blessed to have so many fabric choices today, aren't we?

Dasha said...

I'm joining in to sing the praises of that lovely magenta. Your little piles of complete blocks look great. Love a mystery quilt. Love not having a clue what the layout will be. This time of the year is too busy for me to get involved in a new mystery quilt :(

Lorna McMahon said...

I love where this is heading! Your stars are really going to shine against the low volume background. Such pretty points!