Saturday, 31 December 2016

New Arrivals .. of a crafty nature!

Not one, but two new arrivals in my sewing room, and its annexe, the living room, this week.

Firstly some fun fur yarn from Lee Anna .

She had lost interest in knitting it and was looking for a new home for it. Now I often wear black or dark green and enjoy bright accessories and this is right up my street. I was really surprised when I found I'd won the giveaway. I've never knitted anything fluffier than mohair so this is going to be a new experience. I can't wait to get the needles clicking! I'll shortly be dazzling everyone around me, literally. I can't get over how generous the quilting community is, so big thanks again to Lee Anna.

Secondly a Q Frame quilting frame, which is small, but still too big for my sewing room.

This I bought about a month ago, but only put together yesterday evening. The whole thing went together surprisingly easily (compared to IKEA furniture); you can see the clamps next to it. They are off at the moment because I took a break from pinning to go shopping and to take a photo. I also bought an extension set to increase the length of the back legs to make quilting more comfortable. I'm using it in the horizontal position to sandwich Allietare!; it's about time I did something with that top that was finished almost a year ago! I shan't be hand quilting it but once it's ready for quilting on my domestic machine I shall load my appliquéd circles quilt, because that I am going to quilt by hand. Crawling round on all fours to sandwich a quilt had been becoming very difficult over the last couple of years and, even after my hip operation, is still a trial. The only crawling  done yesterday was to cut the wadding to size and even then my husband had to help me stand up afterwards.

I'd like to wish you all a prosperous and healthy 2017. May the new year be full of interest, and friendly faces; may we all face the challenges with optimism. I am ever grateful that I have control of my own life and am not dictated to by anyone. Not everyone in the world can say that; may 2017 bring more freedom to the oppressed.

Happy sewing



Scrap and quilts said...

Amen to that!
Congrats on the winning from Lee Anna. Gorgeous, luscious red. (I won the same wool but in a different colour.) I should use my quilting frame to pin baste the quilts too. (Why didn't I think of that, lol!)

Vireya said...

I haven't seen a frame like that before, but it looks handy. Anything that avoids the "crawling round on the floor" process has to be good!

Happy new year!

Regine Karpel said...

Happy New Year.

Christine Barnsley said...

What a lovely prize! I shall look forward to seeing it finished! That quilt frame looks like a great purchase.... anything which makes life easier is a good buy! Happy New Year Marly! Christine x

Dasha said...

Your Allieatare is just lovely. Hope you are happy with your fabric choices for En Provence now that the big reveal has taken place.

Kaja said...

I like your quilting frame; do let us know how you find working on it. Happy New Year.