Saturday, 30 April 2016

Scrappy orange; yummy orange!

Yummy orange

Last week I wrote that Wednesday was the King's birthday. Unfortunately the weather was really not what we expect for the end of April: 7°C, rain, thunder and high winds, so I stayed at home, and didn't see more than three people with orange hats and scarves! I guess everyone else stayed at home too! I had ventured out the day before, however, and bought these:

of which I had one with my morning coffee!

It's a fairly ordinary cream slice, but with orange icing. Unfortunately, only the colour is orange, not the flavour; that would would be really special. It's also a calorie bomb, so strictly rationed!
Late in the afternoon we joined with other residents in the central hall in toasting the King, and one another! I'm not in the photo, but my husband is, and two of my grandchildren who acted as waiters!

Scrappy orange 

orange crumbs, and a few narrow strips.
is all used up!
I've been working on 1930s Farmer's Wife Blocks this week and making black and white HSTs as Leaders and Enders.

2.5 inch HSTs

Here they are waiting for next month's colour to be announced. That's all the RSC sewing I've done this week, and no orange at all! My orange blocks were finished (and shown) last week.

I'm linking to 
Click on the button to see orange scraps in beautiful projects.

Happy sewing



Kate said...

Those orange cremes look sinfully good. Hope you get in lots of stitching this weekend.

Deb A said...

Oh boy - does that look yummy! Sounds like you had a great time ringing in the Kings birthday despite the weather.

Mari said...

Those pastries look amazing! And I thought the photo of the black and white hsts was in black and white after the picture of all those gorgeous ornages!

Sheila said...

Yummy looking cake. Are those cups of ORANGE juice in the picture?
Wonder what May's color will be .... maybe green? or yellow?

gayle said...

I had to go google 'cream slice' since I didn't know what it was. I may have to spend some time in the kitchen soon...
I wonder what the next color will be for RSC? Much as I love orange, I'm looking forward to something different!

LA Paylor said...

Hi Marley wish you'd gotten in the photo!
This is the link to a friend's blog, who went somewhere special for Kings birthday day.
She has great photos of a cathedral with special little people statues all over it.

The cake looks so yummy, would it have killed them to put in some orange flavor? I love orange cake! LeeAnna

Ivani said...

Sounds you all had a great time in the Kings birthday. Here we had 5°C during this week and we are waiting for a hard winter. I am waiting for pink, green, yellow or red for May. Have a great week.

Dasha said...

What a lovely idea having a party with the other residents. We used to be a fairly social street, but in the last 12 months 8 houses have changed hands, with 4 of those in the last couple of months. We shall have to wait and see what our new neighbours are like.
PS I think we would call that slice a Vanilla Slice. Would have to taste yours to see, but it sure looks like one of those.

PaulaB quilts said...

Thanks for sharing the festivities with us even though curtailed. I enjoyed learning about your customs. Congrats on finishing your orange scraps.

scraphappy said...

Too bad a about the weather, but it looks like you had a nice celebration. Glad you managed to use up those orange scraps. Looking forward to the green month.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Congrats! on using up all of your ORANGE scraps. Have fun with GREEN!!