Saturday, 20 September 2014

What I'm working on this week (week 38)

I shall be away from my computer for a few weeks, but have scheduled a few posts for during my absence. I shall also try to post via mobile Blogger from my iPad, but I haven't tested that successfully yet. 
I know that I shall have infrequent access to the Internet, so I may not be able to respond to your comments very quickly.

This will be very short, I'm afraid, I haven't got the hang of using the iPad Blogger app.

Remember these?

One orange flower made at 30 000 feet and now resting on some rather drought affected Cana leaves.

There are now two more orange flowers and some other colours. I am surprised how quickly they are coming together in odd moments.

I also managed to finish the appliqué on the Tulips on the Table. This was a kit I bought from Birdblocks Quilt Shop in Amsterdam earlier this year. The quilting will be one of my first projects to pick up when I return home.

Happy Sewing



ES said...

the tulips are very cute!!

Andee said...

Marly-love the black and white with the flowers on it, really pretty!

Jo Ferguson said...

You've been making lots of progress. They're both beautiful projects and the colours are striking.