Saturday, 13 September 2014

Essential sewing supplies for a trip!

I shall be away from my computer for a few weeks, but have scheduled a few posts for during my absence. I shall also try to post via mobile Blogger from my iPad, but I haven't tested that successfully yet. 
I know that I shall have infrequent access to the Internet, so I may not be able to respond to your comments very quickly.

Making the decision what was essential was difficult. More difficult was, "Have I got enough?" Hmm, I hope so!

Here is a list of the stuff I packed and will be using over the next few weeks.

1.  Tools

It's a good job I took photos; it was only after I took a photo of this that I realised I didn't have all the Aurifil 50 thread I would need.

Handy book! ...

... opened up with tools
2  Projects

a.  Tulips on the table

Tulips on the table
The background fabric has been made by stack and slash (a first for me) and the appliqué pieces have been prepared. Quilting will have to wait until I'm home.

b  Toadstool House

Toadstool House.
with fabric for the windows and skeins of  DMC embroidery cotton for embellishing. (Now I see I need to pack my embroidery hoop as well) This will get a border and be quilted when I return.

c.  Grandmother's Garden

The rest of the hexagons

Just in case that's not enough, I've got this too:

Sony Reader: with the hinge on the right
and the opening on the left!
Interestingly cross cultural!

and with about 20 books installed.

I should manage to be separated from my Bernies for a few weeks.

Happy Sewing


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Jo Ferguson said...

I love Tulips on the Table and the colours for your hexie quilt are stunning. Toadstool is adorable. I can understand how hard it would be to leave your Bernies. I have a cousin of theirs, a Great Pyrenees. Gracie will be 2 in December and she's like having a big white, hairy shadow. Have a wonderful trip!!!!