Friday, 29 December 2017

Quilting goals for 2018

Quilting Jetgirl is once again holding her:
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for which I am very grateful as it gives me the opportunity to step back and look around my sewing room.

Seeing posts on goals for 2018 reminded me that I made such a list last year too; 😔 what was on it?

  1. Tidy my sewing room
  2. Make a planner.
  3. Continue trying my hand at improv.
  4. Decide which of my WIPs are really UFOs, and make, or join in, a system for resurrecting  UFOs.
  5. Linked to no. 4 above: try harder to resist the temptation to start something new!!
  6. Try to find other, preferably "modern", quilters locally (area of The Hague, Netherlands) who would like to sew together with me on a regular basis. At the moment the world wide web is my quilting community, and much as I love you all, some face-to-face contact would be welcome.
Unfortunately only 3. and 6. have borne any result. The improv "Floating Squares" is a completed top. and I'm mulling over ideas for the backing which I wrote about here. There is now a Dutch branch of the MQG and that has provided some interesting online contacts over the last eight months, but I have only actually met two of the other members.

So what is my list for 2018? 

It's exactly the same as for 2017! 

with the addition of: 
  1. doing some of the Craftsy classes I've already paid for! and 
  2. pulling myself together and getting these quilted:
RSC 2015: (no completed photo!)
RSC 16



Quiltville mystery 2016
along with my Quilty 365 circles quilt which is now almost being hand quilted, and "Floating Squares", now waiting for backing! 

They are really all too pretty to stay packed in plastic boxes.

Is it realistic?

Yes! I'm due to finally retire on 30 April (I retired once before and was promptly asked to come back) but this time it's for real, so I should have more time to spend on hobbies.

OK, and now to put my best foot forward and achieve some of my goals starting with a mega clean-up!

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Happy sewing



Chantal said...

Wishing you a fantastic New Year, a very long, happy and healthy retirement and good luck with your quilting goals. ;^)

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I like that on your list is to watch some of the classes that you have paid for - I'm afraid I have the same problem I have bought quite a few and never get around to watching them -- good luck in your goals - I bought a quilt planner this year to use and I hope I can use it well and do what I say I will do

Yvonne @Quilting Jetgirl said...

Congratulations on retiring; that is exciting and going to free up so much time for you! I hope that you can continue to meet more modern quilters in your area. I wish you a peaceful 2018 full of quilting joy. Thank you so much for linking up!

Jocelyn Thurston said...

You are so right...these pieces are far too beautiful to be away in a box.
Good luck with them all and continued happy Stitching in 2018!

Vireya said...

Retirement is something to look forward to!

All the best for achieving your goals for 2018.

Sandy said...

I'm so excited that you have a local MQG group and that you're meeting some of the members. That's so fun! Congrats on your upcoming retirement and on getting your new goals set. Sounds like you are in for a great 2018.