Saturday, 11 March 2017

RSC 17 Looking for red

Angela at Soscrappy has given red as the colour for this month's scraps. Time to look out red scraps.

I have a bucket under my cutting table for the bits I don't want on the table. This bucket

was full, that is piled up and overflowing, of pieces of assorted colours and sizes. I spent a couple of hours yesterday evening separating


from crumbs

from larger pieces

but hardly made a difference to the bucket.

Unfortunately I didn't find any red strings, just a couple of strips from which I could cut 2" squares
However, I found a few red triangles, probably the cut off corners of stitch and flip blocks, and some extremely odd shapes from which I cut the jagged edges.

Now I'm off to make crumb blocks from this treasure trove!

That was yesterday, ... and here they are!

These crumb blocks are destined to go onto a QAYG  basket for red scraps, but more about that later.
My plan is to make a basket each month and put that bucket back to its original use: hand laundry!

Last week I showed my outsize Jacob's Ladder blocks and now I have made three from the "other" Jacob's Ladder pattern that I had drawn from a photo by Sharon Mck Mason at 24 Quilts and which originated in "Better Homes and Gardens" but I don't know when. Incidentally I don't think it bears much resemblance to the original Jacob's Ladder, except for the diagonal line of squares; if anyone knows this block by another name please let me know.

For size comparison here are the blocks together:

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Happy sewing



Mari said...

Somehow I never seem to make much of a dent in my scraps either. Love your idea of using scraps to make storage for scraps. Love your blocks, too! I think it may be a Jacob's Ladder variation called Railroad. Whatever it is, it's quite lovely!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Looking forward to seeing your RED scrap basket and more of those JL Variation blocks!!

Edith said...

I love sorting (fondling) my scraps. Nice start with the red crumbs.

PaulaB quilts said...

Sorting is the perfect avoidance activity, I find. I'm doing something productive but not what really needs to get done. And it's fun to find forgotten scraps, memories. The crumb blocks turned out well. No idea of the name of those colorful blocks. Just enjoy them!

Chantal L. said...

Good idea. I should keep a bucket close by too. Don't know the name of that block either but it sure looks good. Especially like the blue and purple one. Enjoy the red month! ;^)

Chantal L. said...

On second thought, check out the Hovering Hawk block. Yep, looks like it has a name after all. ;^)

gayle said...

Those crumb blocks are beautiful, and I'm enjoying your mystery blocks, whatever they turn out to be called!

a good yarn said...

Lovely colours in your blocks. Those scraps seem to grow the faster you use them.

scraphappy said...

Digging through a bucket of scraps sounds like a fun party game. Glad you found a few reds.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I think last week's drawing translated really nicely into fabric! Those blocks are very pretty! I like the red crumb blocks, too - you've got some fun shapes going on there!

katie z. said...

Your crumb blocks look lovely.

Christine B. said...

Beautiful new Jacob's Ladder blocks and a much better size too! You have made me think about getting my scraps sorted.... I have some nice fabric baskets.... I should use them! Have a lovely weekend! Christine x

Sandra Walker said...

Oh wow! good that you put a size comparison photo there! Quite the difference. I do like that Jacob's Ladder block, no clue if it has a different name. Seeing what comes out of the never-lessening scrap bucket in the form of those crumb blocks made me GRIN!

Kaja said...

I like those little red crumb blocks - the top left one reminds me of a bird.