Friday, 12 August 2016

Star Light, Star Dark - large stars pieced

Quilty Habit

I'm quilting along with Jessica at Quilty Habit in making the Star Light, Star Dark quilt. I'm behind schedule as I got distracted by another project a couple of weeks ago!

However, my big stars are pieced, and the small stars are progressing, but no photos of them just yet.

top row: dark, light, dark; bottom row: light, dark, light - I'm not satisfied!
I don't like the way this is going; the dark purple is too dark, and the light purple resembles the other two dark stars in value. This is an exercise in contrast, so I've learnt my lesson! The problem shows up more clearly in the b/w photo:

Why, oh why didn't I see this before I started?

So that's my problem, but how can I remedy it? Does anyone out there have a suggestion?

Happy sewing



JanineMarie said...

I love the colors in your palette. I'm not joining in this QAL, so I feel like I really don't have the "right" to make suggestions, but I will anyway. I think it's worth taking apart or replacing the blocks you aren't pleased with and redoing them to your satisfaction, taking lots of B/W pictures as you go. That will be valuable to you as a learning experience as well as making you happy with your project. I often struggle with value and contrast and forget to take the B/W photos even though I know that method is much better than my eye to determine what works. And I'm usually surprised by what the camera chooses!

Jessica said...

You could simply switch the placement of the two purple stars. That would look better contrast wise! I still love them! Do what makes you happy since it's your quilt. :)

Gina said...

You could applique stars over the stars, if that makes sense. THat way it will change the contrast plus you'll have made your own mark on the design. Other than that I would suggest remaking the two blocks and using these for the label or matching cushions xx

Danice said...

Oh I love all of your stars. To me, the purple star looks good. I also struggled with choosing the correct fabrics, the light and dark colors.