Saturday, 28 May 2016

Improvisation progress in May

This week I did a little work on my improvised quilt inspired by Piet Mondriaan's "Composition in Red, Yellow and Blue".

Last month I showed some red half rectangle triangles I wasn't satisfied with. This month I sewed the red triangles together along the short side; that really did seem to be the best arrangement. The yellow and blue I cut as flying geese right from the start. I didn't manage to work out how much extra I needed to cut for the seam allowance, as a result most of the geese have been beheaded!

This week I'm going to make two more blue "geese" and continue to make my Mondriaan inspired block. Then it'll be time to think about the other corners - more triangles? more squares? And it needs more fabric on the left hand side, probably empty space, but I just don't know yet.

I've been trying to make a circle a day in the Quilty 365 project, but I've fallen behind. Here are this month's improvised circles as of last Wednesday. I'll be showing all May's circles here on Tuesday.

I've recently learnt how to make free-hand curves; I bet you'd never have guessed! Even so, this one, with all straight lines, is my favourite:

with 21 pieces. cut-offs from various farmer's wife blocks, and they are tiny pieces to start with! Although it will look better after pressing, it's not a very circular circle!

I'm linking to the Ad hoc improvised quilting link up hosted by Kaya and Ann

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Happy sewing



Christine Barnsley said...

I love both these projects that you are working on Marly.... looking forward to seeing what you do with them next! Have a lovely weekend! Christine x

Ann said...

I agree that these are both beautiful projects and well worth the effort your are putting into them. Great idea to use the color scheme and defined shapes of Mondrian. And then your scrap circles are wonderful. Who cares how much time it takes? Enjoy the journey. Thanks for sharing with us and linking with AHIQ.

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

The red, yellow and blue project looks great! I like the color combination. Of course, now I have some research to do as I don’t know anything about Piet Mondriaan or "Composition in Red, Yellow and Blue." I will in a minute, though, and thank you for the introduction.

I'm a Quilty 365 participant and am really enjoying making circles. Yours are much more interesting (love your curves!) but I'm okay with my plaids. They are so loud that I've begun making some in neutral solids to mix in with "the wild things." Imagine plaid on plaid...I must have had a crazy day when I chose that combination!

Lisa J. said...

The middle section of the Mondrian inspired block is very Mondrian indeed...the addition of flying geese is a nice way to change it up. The circles are coming along wonderfully.

Kaja said...

Two great projects - and really different from each other. I love the clean lines of the Mondrian piece; you have definitely succeeded in capturing the feel of his work. I can spot the curves in your circles, I think, and I like them a lot.

Ruth said...

Really like where you are going with your projects. Especially the Mondrian inspired one.