Tuesday, 12 January 2016

FAL 2016 Q1 proposed finishes

 FAL 2016

Having completed only two of my 2015 Q4 proposed finishes most of that list is back!

1.  So Together Bag

photo from Sew Demented's pattern
This handy bag designed by Sew Demented, and available from Craftsy has been on my list for the last year, and really must be done this quarter. I have had so many ideas on how to decorate this that it's just not materialising. This could contain my first go at improvisation, or maybe I'll just keep it simple.

2.  Drunkard's Path Poinsettias

Poinsettias table topper, 36" square: pattern by Ann Deister at SprinLeaf Studio

This still needs wadding and backing and of course quilting. It's for Christmas though, so no hurry, right? I've decided it needs to be quilted by hand so who knows where it will be at on 1 April!

3.  Crazy Quilting Course 101

In the online crazy quilting course given by Kathy Shaw at Shawkl Designs  I got stuck on one of the assignments in October and have done nothing since, but I need to do something about that. Hopefully once over this hurdle I'll be able to finish by 1 April.

4.  RSC15 Sampler

RSC 15 Sampler: Starry, Starry Night. The blocks are now all finished and joined in rows. Pattern and layout from Angela at Soscrappy
Finally, I shall also be working on my RSC15 Sampler quilt, but I doubt whether that will be even half finished before April. I shall be quilting the rows and then joining them QAYG style with sashing on the back. I still have to buy wadding and backing.

I'm connecting to

FAL 2016
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care of Archie the Wonder Dog. Hop over there and he'll show you what other handwork projects handy people aim to have finished in the coming quarter.

Happy sewing



Debbie said...

What a nice variety of projects. I adore your rainbowy quilt.

Quiltsmiles said...

That's quite a few listed and looking great so far. I have that sew together bag in pig form times 2 that I'd like to make. Hopefully in 2016 I can realize it. I'll be checking yours out as it develops. Thanks for sharing.

PaintedThread said...

I really like those poinsettias. (heh - don't wait too long, Christmas will sneak up on you!)

Lee Ann L. said...

Wow! That sampler quilt is going to be awesome! The Drunkard's Path Poinsettias are cute. Good luck on your endeavors!

Lisa J. said...

Good luck with your finishes Marly. I'm tempted to add that bag to my list but I better not because it's so long (my list that is). I like the poinsetta quilt as well although I don't like the plant itself and the Rainbow quilt is wonderful.

Rhonda the Rambler said...

Good luck getting finished. Is there an actual project forn#3? It sounds so intriguing!!!!

Dasha said...

You RSC15 Sampler looks so good Marly. Good luck with getting some of your goals finished.

Kaja said...

This is an really interesting list. I love your pointsettias and am intrigued to see what comes of the crazy quilting.