Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Work in Progress: Toadstool House

This is a project that's been on my Finish list for the last year! The problem is that it isn't really my "thing" so I have kept putting it off. It was the appliqué piece during a workshop on using the Appliquick tools. At first it was to have been a wall hanging, but my husband didn't agree. Then my daughter suggested a cushion, but I know how little seam allowance there is in some places, so it probably wouldn't have lasted two weeks as a cushion!

Now I decided to make a cover for my pattern file.
The file once held lesson material from my former employer and I thought it was about time I camouflaged it! (For the photo the company logo is being hidden by some of my leaders & enders!)

As I'd already quilted the central panel of the Toadstool House, but fortunately, not the borders, I added pieces of wadding to make the filling up to size for the file cover.

I trimmed the borders on the panel to the size of the front of the file, and added an extra border to wrap around the opening and to cover the spine. This afternoon I made a log cabin block with 2" strips which will be the panel on the back of the cover. Then I added a border top and bottom to make it up to the size of the outside of the file.
All I have to do now is join the two pieces and add strips left and right to form the flaps, and then quilt and bind it, of course, and join the flaps to the outside of the cover. If I had known it would become a book cover I would have followed Wanda Hanson's tutorial which is a much quicker and neater method without binding! As it is this has a Heath Robinson quality to it.

I hope I get all this finished in the next ten days.

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Christine Barnsley said...

Hello Marly! I think this is a great use of the panel and with the log cabin on the back the file will be perfect for your sewing bits and pieces! :) x

Dasha said...

What a great use for that pretty piece Marly. Such a shame to have it stuck in a cupboard.

Chantal said...

I love your little Toadstool House block. I am happy to see it again. To use it as a binder cover is a great idea. Great thinking. Good luck with your goal.

Valerie Reynolds said...


Ruth said...

Great idea! I love your little toadstool and am glad its getting finished and in a really clever way!

Linda said...

What a cute idea - love the log cabin and the colors you chose. Thanks for the tutorial link!

Jo Ferguson said...

The toadstool is adorable and I agree with everyone's a great idea to use the piece as a binder cover. The log cabin block makes for a perfect pairing.

Judy@Quilt Paradigm said...

Great idea! It is looking fabulous! :) Now I need to go check out the link to Wanda!