Tuesday, 14 October 2014

RSC 14 week 41: orange catch up

Every month there's a different colour for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. This month there are three colours: brown, grey and black. Brown? But this isn't brown! No this is orange, last month's colour, because I missed September and I'm trying to catch up. As yet, not very successfully!

Plus block, but minus the rest!
I missed September because I was on holiday in Portugal, where the temperature was about 10 to 15 degrees Celsius warmer than it was here. I hope to post some photos of the holiday village I was staying in later this week.

Linking to Soscrappy for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2014.

Happy Sewing



Dasha said...

I haven't started on my brown blocks either Marly, and I don't have the excuse of being away!

Andee said...

Portugal sounds like a good excuse to get behind on sewing! Loving your orange and it is a good October color anyway!